The US Medicines Agency stops production of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine in a factory


The US Medicines Agency requested a halt to manufacturing the Johnson & Johnson vaccine in a factory that produced 15 million doses of it that did not match its production standards.
The company had stated at the end of March that it had identified a factory in Baltimore, Maryland, run by the Emergent Bio Solutions company, in which there was a quantity of vaccine doses that “did not match the quality standards”, without specifying its quantity.

The New York Times later reported that it involved 15 million doses.

Yesterday, Emergent Bio Solutions announced that it had transferred to the federal agency that monitors financial markets a file stating that the US Federal Drug Administration requested on April 16th to suspend vaccine manufacturing in Baltimore pending an inspection.

The file stated that «Emergent», «agreed to stop the production of any new materials in its factory in Bayview, and to isolate the existing materials, pending the end of the inspection and the correction of (potential problems) that may be identified during the inspection process».

In March, Johnson & Johnson announced that it would send additional experts to the site to oversee the production of the vaccine.

This decision poses a new problem facing Johnson & Johnson in the United States, where the use of its vaccine was suspended after the authorities announced six cases of serious blood clots after receiving the vaccine, including one death.

Today, the European Medicines Agency will announce its decision on the use of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine.

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