The United States recommends against traveling to 80 percent of the world’s countries


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                The US State Department announced that it will issue an update to the list of countries that are advised not to travel to them due to the Corona pandemic, raising the countries included in the Level Four list, which is synonymous with: “Do not travel” to represent 80 percent of the countries of the world. Unprecedented on travelers. "  The previous list included 34 countries.  And the Federal Public Health Agency in the country announced Sunday that about half of Americans over 18 years of age had received at least one dose of the Corona virus vaccine,

                                    <p> The Foreign Ministry said <a target="_blank" href="أمريكا/20210416-الولايات-المتحدة-ثمانية-قتلى-على-الأقل-في-إطلاق-نار-بمدينة-إنديانابوليس" rel="noopener"><strong>American</strong></a>  On Monday, it will expand its "no-travel" guidelines to about 80 percent of the world's countries, citing "unprecedented risks to travelers" due to<a target="_blank" href="آسيا/20210420-دول-في-العالم-تبدأ-بتخفيف-القيود-على-السفر-والتنقل-بعد-تراجع-عدد-الإصابات-بفيروس-كورونا-لديها" rel="noopener"><strong>  The COVID-19 pandemic</strong></a>.

“This update will lead to a significant increase in the number of countries listed on Level 4: Do Not Travel” to include nearly 80 percent of countries around the world, the Foreign Ministry said in a statement.

The ministry has already listed 34 out of 200 countries on “Level 4: Don’t Travel,” including Chad, Kosovo, Kenya, Brazil, Argentina, Haiti, Mozambique, Russia and Tanzania.

This comes at a time when the vaccination campaign continues very quickly in the United States despite the suspension of the use of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine on Tuesday, after the discovery of six cases of women who had dangerous blood clots and one of them died.

About 50.4% of Americans over the age of eighteen were able to receive at least one vaccine dose, while 32.5% received two doses, especially for those over the age of sixty-five, according to what was announced Sunday by the Federal Public Health Agency in the country.

In total, at least one dose has been given to more than 131.2 million people, and the authorities intend to allow, from Monday, all citizens to receive the vaccine.

And US President Joe Biden said Tuesday that “there are enough vaccines for every American, and this matter is indisputable.”

France 24 / Reuters / AFP



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