The Trial of the Chicago 7 Receives SAG Awards, Chadwick Boseman, Best Actor


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Los Angeles: The judicial drama film “The Trail of the Chicago Seven” by Aaron Sorkin on Sunday won the major “SAG Awards” granted by the American Actors Guild, which are considered an important indicator of what the results of the race to the Oscars will be, while American Chadwick Bozeman was named after his death the title of best actor.

“We need leaders who make us less hate for each other,” said Frank Langela, who plays the role of a racist judge in the film, which centers on police repression, protests against the Vietnam War in Chicago in 1968.

“We owe a debt of thanks to the seven from Chicago,” he added during a pre-recorded award ceremony instead of an attendance ceremony, referring to the seven defendants in the 1969 trial.

Chadwick Bozeman, who died last August at the age of 43 from colon cancer, won the Best Actor award for his role as a musician in “What Renees Black Batum” set in Chicago during the 1920s, which may be an indication that he could win an Oscar. .

Only two actors have received an Oscar so far after their deaths: Peter Finch for Sydney Lumet’s “Network, Hands on Television” (1976), and Heath Ledger for “The Dark Knight” (2008) by Christopher Nolan.

The Screen Actors Guild (“SAG”) awards, while less well known than the Golden Globe Awards, are a more reliable indicator of Oscars, as 1,200 of its members are also among the 6,000 members of the Academy of Film Arts and Sciences who select the most prestigious Oscar winners.

Last year, “Parasite” won the most prestigious “SAG” award, which is the “Best Actor” award, with a historic victory, before it was crowned the best film at the Oscars ceremony.

The postponed Oscars are scheduled to take place on April 25, USA time.

However, “Nomadland”, who is still the favorite to win an Oscar in light of the previous awards, did not even get any nomination for the “SAG Awards”.

This film, directed by Chloe Gao, about contemporary “hippies”, namely “trailer residents” who roam the United States in their old vehicles, and most of its characters are amateur actors. At the end of last March, it won the Best Film Award from the Hollywood Producers Association after receiving the Golden Award. Globe “major.

The SAG Award for Best Actress was won by Bozeman’s partner in “Ma Renees Black Batum”, Viola Davis.

The actress thanked “the handsome Chadwick Bosman”, while the widow of the actor received the award, and quoted him as saying, “If you find that the world is losing its balance, be a fighter who puts all its weight on the balance of mind.”

The late “Black Panther” star was also honored in the “Memorial” category, along with other recently deceased stars as Sean Connery and Christopher Plummer.

Britain’s Daniel Kaluuya won the Best Actor in a Supporting Role for his role in “Judas and the Black Missaya,” in which he played Fred Hampton, the leader of the Black Panthers, who was killed in a police raid in December 1969. He played an important role in mobilizing against police violence targeting blacks in the 1960s.

South Korean Yoon Yoh Jung won the Best Actress Award in a Supporting Role for “Minari,” which is set in Arkansas and deals with the story of a South Korean American family who moves to the countryside to seek a new life in the 1980s. “I don’t know how to describe my feelings that I’ve been appreciated by Westerners,” said Yoon Yoh Jung, who appeared to be moved.


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