The Tiger series, Episode 7 .. There are many doubts about Muhammad Imam that he is the thief of the goldsmiths stores


The seventh episode of the Tiger series by the star Muhammad Imam, which is broadcasted daily on Al-Hayat channel at exactly the eleventh hour to a quarter, began with the arrival of the police to the scene of the robbery, which is the place of Antar Al-Halak “Bayoumi Fouad”, to which Al-Nimr went and stole the gold deal that Antar had completed. Amer “Ahmed Abdullah Mahmoud” goes to Noah “Muhammad Imam” to ask him where he was at the time of the accident because he was suspicious about it, but assured him that he did not get out of his room, then Shams “Nermin Al-Faki” comes to ask him the same question and it is clear that she also doubted about it..

Amer returns “Ahmed Abdullah Mahmoud” and checks the surveillance cameras and notices that the tiger is the color of his eye is brown, and this makes him exclude “Muhammad Mahran” from suspicion because his eye is colored. Shams searches her son’s room because she also doubts that he is the tiger, but she did not find anything. “Mohamed Riad” to give a reward of one hundred thousand pounds to anyone who finds the tiger.

On the other hand, Farida meets “Walaa Al-Sharif,” Khaled, Moamen Nour, and tells him that she needs him next to her for this period and that she feels guilty toward the king of “Hana al-Zahid” because she betrayed her, but Khaled strengthens her heart over his sister’s king and sees that she has done nothing wrong with Malak, so she realizes Farida Khaled’s intention is not clear towards his sister’s king. Antar al-Halq, Bayoumi Fuad, and Hassan, Khaled Anwar, go to al-Shimi’s shop so that they can see what they have to do with the thief called the Tiger, and then Malak expels them.

Al-Shimi “Muhammad Riyad” asks Noah “Muhammad Imam” to quickly inspect Shams’ apartment “Nermin al-Faki” to make sure whether the stolen items are on her lip or not. King refuses to interfere with Noah in this matter, but confirms that the responsibility for catching the tiger belongs to him, so Noah enters Shams’s apartment and begins In inspecting her, he finds in her papers a photo that she collects with Shimi, Antar al-Halq, al-Hawi, and another person, and at the same time he hears the voice of Shams arriving at the apartment with Khaled “Moamen Noor” Ibn al-Shimy and realizes that she had recruited bin al-Shimy for her account and that he was the one who kidnapped Farida “Walaa al-Sharif” and shot al-Bibi.

Noah “Muhammad Imam” escapes from Shams’ apartment through the window without realizing it, but she heard the sound of the window, so she went to see what happened and was surprised that the window had been opened, so Khaled came out of her lip to be surprised by Noah in front of her and was surprised by the presence of Ibn al-Shimy at her, so she told him that she had expelled him and noticed some Dust on his clothes, and suspicion increases with her, but he says that this dirt is due to painting the dilapidated wall, and he agrees with her that he will encourage her son to do his own project in goldsmiths.

On the other hand, Antar’s daughter Joudi gets tired of the throat and takes her to the hospital to discover that she needs a liver lobe transplant, and her mother Sally “Enas Kamal” collapses. Antar recommends his son Hassan, Khaled Anwar, to bring a donor for his daughter at any price and in any way, while Noah and the king leave the goldsmith’s shop to meet King Hassan is on her way, and he blocks her way and tries to talk to her, but she strongly refuses and a verbal altercation occurs between Hassan and Noah, which ends with a threatening look from Hassan to Noah, and it is clear that he intended to take revenge on him and this will become clear during the next episode.


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