The Super League dies before its birth .. the story of the European Super League from idea to freeze


The European Super League competition, which was announced last Sunday, captured the attention of the football world, especially in the old continent. The aim of the European Super League competition, headed by Florentino Perez, President of Real Madrid, is to separate from the European Union (UEFA) competitions to save European clubs economically and improve their conditions after suffering huge financial losses due to the Corona pandemic.

We review the story of the European Super League from the beginning until the withdrawal of 10 clubs from competition and the freeze:

Florentino Perez surprised 12 clubs by launching the so-called European Super League Championship

– Real Madrid, Barcelona, ​​Atletico Madrid and Top 6 clubs in England, Juventus, Milan and Inter Milan decided to enter the Super League bet with Perez.

Germany and France have protested strongly against the competition, led by Paris Saint-Germain and Bayern Munich.

– UEFA president Alexander Severin issued a fiery statement threatening the Super League clubs to be excluded from their club and national team competitions and even extended to the World Cup.

– The President of Uefa announced new reforms in the 2024 Champions League, in an attempt to reverse the decision of the clubs.

– FIFA, headed by Gianni Envatino, issues a statement in solidarity with Uefa, threatening the 12 clubs to bear the consequences of participating in the Super League.

– International newspapers and the media in Europe launched a harsh attack on the founders of the European Super League after the separatist move from UEFA.

A large number of football stars and personalities have attacked the European Super League, led by British Prime Minister Johnson, Alex Ferguson, Beckham and others.

Fans have begun to oppose the new competition, most notably the fans of Top 6 in England.

– City, United, Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool and Tottenham fans gathered in front of the gates of clubs and major stadiums, denouncing the historic fall, raising the slogan “Football for the masses.”

– The masses increased their pressure and demanded the departure of the English club presidents, and the matter worsened until the Top 6 clubs announced their withdrawal from the Super League in a victory for the fans, offering a public apology for this move.

The rest of the Super League founders condemned the withdrawal of England’s clubs, and decided to freeze the idea temporarily and restructure it, and decided to sue the English clubs.

– Hours did not pass, and Inter Milan, Atletico Madrid, Milan and Juve announced their withdrawal from the European Super League, to keep Barcelona and Real Madrid after 10 clubs were eliminated from the competition.


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