The subscription generator bill empties the pockets of the Lebanese … the price of a bill equal to the salary of the head of the family !!


Two days ago, the Trabelsians woke up to the news that, within hours, the city of Tripoli would enter into complete darkness as a result of the Deir Ammar station ceasing to work due to the loss of fuel, which prompted the owners of the generators who did not adhere to the schedules of municipalities and governorates, and the pricing for each month differs from before. Meaning that the bill for the subscription generators has become like the dollar exchange. And this month, the owners of generators surprised the citizens with their new prices, which amounted to 250 thousand per five ampere, meaning that whoever has a subscription of 10 ampere will pay 500 thousand. Therefore, the question has become urgent about these bills and who believes that they are imposed on the Lebanese to pay them every month, at a time when the salaries of most Lebanese have decreased their purchasing value for several months and are still collapsing. The most surprising thing is, is there a country in the world in which a citizen pays his salary for one electricity bill?! …As for the poor families, how is their condition with the continuation of the power outage, as the civil society in Tripoli reveals that the deprivation triangle in the city (Al-Tabbaneh, the Dome and the popular markets) most of its residents live without electricity after the subscription to their homes is cut off because they are prevented from paying, as for the rest, their status permits them Paying the allowance of 2 amperes only one hundred thousand pounds, and sometimes this amount is divided among two houses in the event that we cooperate to divide the 2 amps on their home, and the question is what do these families benefit from this feeding, circles say that it is sufficient for them to operate a bulb and a television, and it is enough to feel that they are still on Life.

The issue of electricity is no longer the only unresolved issue these days. Rather, the month of Ramadan comes after days. This blessed month, for which people used to prepare several months ago, so that its table would be crowned with the best food for those fasting, but this year will not be like any year because the Ramadan Iftar will be devoid of all Ramadan meals, especially fattoush, kibbeh, grills, fruits, and sweets due to the high prices, and this month may be a reminder to most citizens that the Ramadan tables have become from the past, so that this situation is reflected on the representatives of Tripoli who are trying to hide their heads before the coming of this month to evade the provision of aid, especially if they were not They provide aid in previous years, not enough for dozens of homes.

Perhaps the month of Ramadan this year has become an obsession with low-income people who are unable to buy meat, chicken, or vegetables whose prices are rising in the absence of oversight by the Ministry of Economy, which stands idly by watching the pain and worries of citizens who are overtaken by the month of Ramadan while they are in a financial condition in which the dollar devours all the savings From the Lebanese pound …

The commercial markets manipulate prices according to greed and mood, and there is no censor or accountant …


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