The strongest candidate is a surprise .. Zamalek announces the appointment of a new football manager


Dr. Hussein Al-Samri, a member of the Executive Committee of Zamalek Club, announced that within days, the appointment of a new football manager for the club will be announced, explaining that there are a number of names on offer, the most powerful of which is Dr. Mahmoud Saad.Ball Director

He added, in a telephone interview with the journalist Syed Ali, presenter of the “Hazrat Citizen program” broadcast on “Al-Hadath Al-Youm” TV, that Dr. Mahmoud Saad is a character with good morals and discipline, which is a benefit for any club, as he is the son of the club.

Tripartite Commission
About the departure of the tripartite committee, he said: “The tripartite committee will continue to run the club until mid-May, because another committee will be formed according to the guiding list, to direct the call for elections in the club, or it is possible that a decision may be issued by the Minister of Sports to continue the work of the current committee until the conduct of The election”.

Confronting war production

Zamalek is preparing to face El Entag El Harby in the sixteenth round of the Premier League, scheduled for Thursday.

Zamalek lost to Al-Ahly with two goals in the postponed match between them from the fourth round of the Premier League, which was hosted by the Cairo International Stadium on Sunday evening.

Carteron: The best team lost the top

The French coach, Patrice Carteron, Zamalek’s coach, confirmed that the best team was the one who lost the summit meeting against Al-Ahly, indicating that there were two mistakes for Zamalek in the first half and we paid for them two goals, but we were the best in the second half, and the players felt frustrated after the end of the match, but I see that we were the best. .

After the match, Carteron added: “Al-Ahly team has distinguished players in every position and I did not feel the absence of any player, but I regret the way the team looked at the beginning of the first half because I felt that we were unable to move and Al-Ahly played well in the beginning and scored two goals even if the missed penalty was scored.” It could have transformed the outcome of the match. ”

The coach of Zamalek also indicated that Al-Ahly was the best at the beginning of the match, explaining that the players of Zamalek wanted to do everything in the ball and this affected us negatively, stressing that Zamalek was playing in the first half on the sides, so the spaces appeared in the middle of the stadium, but After that, we managed to close the spaces down in the second half.

And Carteron continued: “All the players did not perform the required performance, and it is possible that there will be changes in the formation of the team during the coming period, as I must take into account the psyche of the players and any quick decision now will not be in the interest of the team.”

Regarding Abdullah Jumah’s change and his push in the match, Carteron stressed that he was not late, explaining that he had a special role in making cross balls while Ahmed Fattouh played well at the beginning of the second half.

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