The sorrows of Al-Ahly in front of the awakening of the pioneer


Life returns to the stadiums of the Prince Mohammed bin Salman Professionals Cup League, after a long pause, when the 25th round of the League’s matches kicks off today with one confrontation. Al-Ahly and Al-Wahda gathered at the King Abdulaziz Sports City Stadium, in a meeting of interest to both parties, the rookie who has 35 points has been suffering since the rounds The past seven, and he did not taste the taste of victories, and hoped to stop his bleeding point and retreat back, which made him solve the seventh, and his Serbian coach Vladan left, and he contracted with the Romanian Rijikamp, ​​who will not lead his team today, and Al-Ahly suffers from defensive and offensive problems, which lost his focus during the last period .On the other hand, Al-Raed, who has 29 points, wants him to finish 12th, and hopes to exploit the suffering of his host and snatch 3 points to make him take a step forward.

The round will be completed tomorrow with 3 confrontations, as it meets in Buraidah, Al-Taawun, the fourth with 38 points, and Al-Ain Al-Akhir with 20 points, and in Abha they meet, Damak, who is in the penultimate place with 24 points, and his counterpart, the fifth, with 36 points, while they meet at the King Abdulaziz Sports City Stadium in Makkah and at the summit Major, the great Saudi football Clasico, Al-Ittihad with 42 points, and Al-Hilal is the league leader with 48 points, and the meeting is dominated by the competitive character, as it is the confrontations of the general and the leader, but it bears another character this time as it comes with the two teams at the top of their levels and competing for the title.

The tour ends the day after tomorrow with 3 matches as well, perhaps the most prominent of which is the Sharqiya summit, which brings together the sixth agreement with 35 points, and Qadisiyah the ninth with 31 points, which are not subject to any technical standards at all, as is the case in the derby matches, and each of the two teams wants to secure themselves in the safety zones, and meet in Hafar Al-Batin. Al-Batin hosts the 13th with 28 points, the second youth with 45 points, and Al-Samawi hopes to move away from danger, while the youth seek to return to victories after the absence of 3 consecutive rounds, and they meet in Al-Faisali Complex 11 with 30 points, and Al-Fateh 10 with a score of 31.


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