The situation has reached a dangerous level … Tunisia tightens measures to combat Corona virus


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Tunisia announced the tightening of measures aimed at combating the (Covid-19) outbreak in the country until the end of this month, after the number of people infected with the virus increased significantly, and the occupancy rate of intensive care beds reached a “dangerous” level.The government spokeswoman, Hasna Bin Sulaiman, said during a joint press conference with Health Minister Fawzi Mahdi: The new measures “give permission to the governors to close high-risk areas that record a significant increase in infection with the Coronavirus.”

She added that the authorities also imposed a “five-day compulsory quarantine on all arrivals to Tunisia,” who would also have to show a laboratory test result that did not date back more than 72 hours, proving that they are free of the virus to allow them to board the plane.

Under the new procedures, which will be in effect between April 9 and 30, it was decided to ban private and public gatherings in all parts of the country, and to extend the night curfew period to ten hours a day instead of seven (from seven in the evening until five in the morning after it had previously started at one hour). Ten at night).

The strict measures also include “preventing all public gatherings and demonstrations and closing weekly markets,” according to France 24.

Officials in the hospital sector in Tunisia have warned, in recent days, that the epidemiological situation in the country has reached a dangerous level, with more than a thousand new infections recorded daily and dozens of deaths.

As of April 6, Tunisia, whose population is less than 12 million, had recorded about 265,000 confirmed cases of the virus, including more than 9,000 deaths.


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