The series “Twenty Twenty”, episode 8 … Exciting events after the hot fire


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The series “Twenty Twenty” Episode 8 “witnessed exciting events after the hot fire in which” Safi “, embodied by Qusay Khouli, lives, in the presence of” Hayat “embodied by Nadine Nassib Najim.

Events of the series “Twenty Twenty”

The eighth episode of the series “Twenty Twenty” witnesses hot events after a fire broke out in the neighborhood and the neighborhood in which “Safi” lives, embodied by Qusay Khouli, in the presence of “Hayat” embodied by Nadine Nassib Najim, where Safi intervenes to prevent her brother from finding her and she can escape From the neighborhood after helping to extinguish the fire, and she succeeds in recovering her daughter and promises her to quit work in order to be free for her.

Nadine Njeim implements a trap for Qusay Khouli and tells him that she killed her brother, Rami Ayyash, and Qusay goes to hide the body before he is shocked by the presence of the police who arrested him.

Hayat plans to prove her presence in the neighborhood and hide and get close to “Safi” and the people of the neighborhood in order to implement her plan, at a time when the cause of the fire is still mysterious, and she faces a difficult paradoxical life by approaching Safi, which made the public speculate about the outbreak of a love story between them that may prevent her from implementing her secret plan. .

The series “2020”

The previous episodes of the series “2020” witnessed several hot events, on top of which is “Hayat” gathering information for her new mission, and she meets face to face with Qusay Khouli, who is seeking to keep his brother away from the neighborhood after he became accused in the case of the murder of “Gibran” Rami Ayyash, and Nadine Nassib goes Njeim goes to her husband’s family in order to return her daughter, but her husband’s mother and brother refuse to let the daughter return to her mother because of the circumstances that Sama’s family is going through, which is determined to return her daughter with her.

It is noteworthy that the story of the twenty twenty series revolves around revenge, justice and love. Nadine Njeim embodies the role of a watchdog in the Internal Security Forces, and decides to complete the march of her brother “Gibran” (Rami Ayyash), who is killed by a gang who deals in drugs, while Qusay is the criminal mastermind. For that gang, the work was written by Bilal Shehadat and Nadine Jaber and signed by director Philip Asmar and starring Nadine Nassib Njeim, Qusay Khouli, Carmen Lebbas, Fadi Ibrahim, Hussein Moghadam, Rola Bacsmati, Junaid Zainuddin, Marietta El Helani and others. .

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