The series “Against Fracture” … Does Nelly Karim have a son from Mustafa Darwish?


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Thank you for your reading of the news about the series “Antakasr” .. Does Nelly Karim have a son from Mustafa Darwish? And now with the details of the news

Cairo – Samia Sayed – There is still a mystery that dominates the events in the series Anti-Fracture, and the events of the fourth episode continued constantly. Salma-Nelly Karim is in a coma after the accident, and her doctor confirmed that she may suffer from memory loss due to a brain hemorrhage, and new details of Salma’s life have emerged. In the past and the appearance of Salah – Mustafa Darwish, who gives him money, as the events of the past revealed Nadine’s acquaintance – Khamissi’s meeting with Karim’s betrayal – Muhammad Sobhi and threatening him, while Karim begins to suspect his wife Salma – Nelly Karim after she lied to him that she was with Nadine – to meet Khamisi She is with Salah – Mustafa Darwish.

There are questions from the masses about the relationship of Salah – Mustafa Darwish with Salma – Nelly Karim, especially since in scenes that brought them together, he assured her that he would not leave his son and would not leave her throughout her life, so is there an illegitimate son between them.

The series “Against Breaking” takes place in the context of social relations, where “Salma” – Nelly Karim suffers from the disdain of her husband, the multiplicity of his whims and his female relationships, and disputes and problems arise between them permanently.

It is noteworthy that the series “Against Fracture” was written by Amr El-Daly and directed by Ahmed Khaled, and co-starring Nelly Karim, Mohamed Farraj, the meeting of Al-Khamisy, Tara Emad, Louai Omran, Cynthia Khalifa, Nahir Amin, Mustafa Darwish, Nour Ihab, and a large number of stars, The work is a joint production of United Media Services and Justice Group.

The series “Anti-Breakage” is broadcasted at exactly ten in the evening on the CBC network and repeated 3 times, the first at five in the morning, then at ten thirty in the morning, and then at four in the afternoon.

Scene from the series


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