The Security Council welcomes the Saudi initiative to end the Yemen crisis


Opinion – monitor

On Friday, members of the United Nations Security Council welcomed the Saudi initiative to end the crisis in Yemen.

However, Russia has obstructed the issuance of the Security Council statement welcoming the Saudi initiative on peace in Yemen.

In addition, the US special envoy to Yemen, Timothy Lenderking, said that he discussed with the permanent members of the Security Council the importance of resolving the conflict in Yemen.

Lenderking called for the necessity to end the Houthi militia attack on Marib, stressing the need to facilitate the work of the UN mission to inspect the Safer oil reservoir.

The US State Department stated that Lenderking stressed the need to take steps to solve the economic crisis in Yemen.

The United Nations spokesman, Farhan Haq, announced last March that the international organization welcomes the Saudi peace initiative to end the Yemen war, which is consistent with the efforts of the United Nations.

Saudi Arabia has proposed an initiative for a solution in Yemen, which includes a nationwide ceasefire under the auspices of the United Nations and the reopening of airlines and navies.


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