The “secret” of the referee’s request for the City-Dortmund match revealed Haaland’s signature


The Roman Union responded for football On the attack that Sophry was subjected to, revealing that the latter’s request from Najm Dortmund Signing the cards is for a noble purpose, as they will be sold, and the proceeds will be donated to a charitable organization that takes care of the injured. With autism.

According to the British newspaper “Daily Star”, over the past five years, Sophry has collected a large number of signatures for footballers and donated funds to support people with autism.

He was the coach Pep Guardiola He has answered a question regarding his signature Haaland On the referee cards, it says: “He may be a fan of the player, or it is a souvenir of his son or daughter. They were great rulers.”

Phil Foden scored a goal in the last minute to lead Manchester City to a 2-1 win over Borussia Dortmund in the first leg of the Champions League quarter-finals, after Marco Reus equalized for the German visitors near the end.

City advanced 19 minutes after the start after a counter-attack ended by Belgian Kevin De Bruyne after former Liverpool midfielder Emery Chan lost the ball near the middle of the field.

Guardiola’s team then got the penalty kick, but the referee canceled it after using video technology after Chan had blocked Rudry, so Dortmund gained some attacking vitality following this decision.

Roman referee Ovidio Hattigan was in the center of events again when Ederson hesitated to clear the ball and Dortmund player Jodi Bellingham kicked it into the net, but the referee canceled the 17-year-old’s goal due to a foul against the Brazilian goalkeeper.

Ederson saved a bid by Haaland early in the second half, as the guests continued to annoy City.

City had several chances to score more goals and pay the price for its players’ uncharacteristic lack of accuracy in front of goal, when Dortmund equalized six minutes before the end.

Haaland sent a superb pass to Royce, who deposited the ball in the net from close range.

But then Foden, who missed two chances in the second half, scored the winning goal after a superb pass from Ilkay Gundogan.


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