The second part of Saber Al-Rubai’s episode in the program “Sahranin” was shown … tonight


Exposure channel ONToday, Thursday, the second part of the episode of the star Saber Al-Rubai in the program “Sahranin” by the star Amir Karara, and the presentation of the first part yesterday, Wednesday, Al-Rubai’i talked during the meeting about his relationship with a number of art stars, led by singer George Wassouf, who imitated him during the episode.

The star Saber Al-Rubaei revealed that he learned singing from his mother, who has a sweet voice, according to what he described, and that she inherited this voice mainly from her father, who was a good sermon and a muezzin, explaining: “My mother gave me the sense of singing, so she used to sing to Umm Kulthum, Warda and Faiza Ahmed And Mr. Makkawi, where she belonged to the classical school, and this is the secret of my love for this school, and the most beautiful songs that I used to love to hear, including (Good morning) and (Moody Al-Bali). “

At the beginning of the episode, Saber Al-Rubai stressed that the situation in light of the Corona virus was difficult for the whole world, explaining: “We have become hate masks and we live in fear and terror always, and the positive word in our life has become negative, But this situation was an opportunity to get to know our children more, “adding:” For example, I taught my children even though I hated teaching, and I also entered the kitchen and prepared some sweets such as croissants and grapes, which are one of Tunisia’s sweets, and I have not been infected with Coronavirus yet. .


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