The safest country in the world … The Deputy Mayor of Jerusalem praises the UAE


Fleur Hassan Nahum, Deputy Mayor of Jerusalem, confirmed, on Sunday, that the UAE is one of the safest and most secure countries in the world.

The deputy mayor of Jerusalem for foreign, economic, development and tourism affairs said, in a statement to the Emirates News Agency “WAM”, that the UAE is a country of coexistence between different peoples without discrimination between race, color and religion.

She expressed her admiration for the UAE’s record in empowering women, explaining that the representation of women in the UAE is better than Israel, and even better than most Western countries.

Nahum added, “Women in the Federal National Council represent 50% of the number of members and about 30% in the Council of Ministers,” noting that the percentage of women’s representation in the Israeli parliament, “the Knesset”, is only 25%.

Nahum, who co-founded the Emirati-Israeli Business Council and the Gulf-Israeli Women Forum, pointed out that the council includes members from other countries as well.

She indicated that 44% of the four thousand members of the council are from Israel and 41% from the Emirates, while the rest of the members come from Bahrain, Morocco and Sudan, as well as from India, Europe and the United States.

“The Gulf-Israeli Women Forum focuses on business and cultural aspects,” she said, explaining that the forum’s members contribute to promoting women’s empowerment and target women leaders in their field with regard to the quality of women’s work, their impact and their ability to lead other women.

Fleur Nahum, in her capacity as deputy mayor of Jerusalem and responsible for tourism, also expressed her belief that Israel and the UAE could establish a green corridor for tourists who received the Covid-19 vaccine to travel between the two countries, especially since the two countries occupy advanced positions in terms of vaccinating their people against Covid-19.

Nahum expressed her enthusiasm to start a new phase of welcoming Muslims to Jerusalem, following the signing of the Abrahamic treaties that helped establish diplomatic relations between Israel and four Arab countries, namely the UAE, Bahrain, Morocco and Sudan.

She revealed that religious tourism in the city of Jerusalem has been limited to Jewish and Christian tourists for decades, explaining that Muslims are now welcome to visit the third most important holy place in Islam, the Al-Aqsa Mosque.

She pointed to a generous gesture made by a taxi driver in Dubai, which proved to her that the United Arab Emirates is one of the safest countries for Jews, when she talks about her experiences during her visits to the Emirates after the signing of the Abrahamic Peace Treaty with Israel in September 2020.

The deputy mayor of Jerusalem said: “While I was walking on a Dubai street after having dinner with my husband and four sons last December, and my husband wore a kippah, which is a traditional head covering worn by Jews, a taxi driver stopped us in the middle of the road and said hello, Jews. Welcome here. ”

She noted that “the taxi driver’s message expressed the warmth and welcome of the Emirati people.”

“We can be friends, we can be one family again and we can build the region together … This is very important to me as a mother and a politician,” she added.


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