The Sacred Apple star suddenly separates from her famous actor boyfriend


The news sparked the separation of the Turkish actressNisreen Jawad ZadehAbout her beloved Turkish actorGokhan AlcanAfter a few months of their relationship, social media sensation in Turkey.
The reason for their separation is still unclear, but the Turkish press reported that Nisreen had introduced Gokhan to her family, as part of sure steps on the road to formal marriage, and the two were happy to share their photos continuously through their private pages.
The news of their separation was circulating, after Nisreen deleted all the photos that she had collected in Juhakan, and also canceled his follow-up, unlike the latter, who still puts her photos in his account.
It is reported that their relationship began, after they participated together in the series “No free apples“, Which is currently achieving great success, and after it was supposed to extend the series for a fifth season, but the production company reversed the decision, and work will end at Episode 113, without a new season.


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