The Russian Ministry of Justice announces its position on the statement of the Attorney General of the Netherlands regarding the “Yukos” case


The Russian Ministry of Justice announces its position on the statement of the Netherlands Attorney General regarding a case


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The Russian Ministry of Justice clarified today, Friday, that the Dutch attorney general’s request that Russia must pay more than 50 billion dollars to former shareholders in “Yukos” bears the stamp of recommendation only.

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A Dutch court issues a ruling in favor of a former Russian oligarch and his aides

“The conclusion of the attorney general at the Supreme Court in the Netherlands is only a recommendation of the court, and that the plaintiff in the Supreme Court of the Netherlands unreasonably ignored the numerous arguments presented by Russia regarding the legal errors committed by the Court of Appeal in The Hague and the illegal behavior of former shareholders of Yukos,” the ministry said in a statement. Whether in their alleged investment or during arbitration.

According to the Russian Ministry of Justice, “Russia expects the Supreme Court in the Netherlands to assess the prosecutor’s position and take a balanced decision on the Russian appeal, which is based on the foundations of international law.”

The ministry indicated that it would soon present its arguments to the Supreme Court in the Netherlands regarding the prosecutor’s position.

Last year, the Dutch Supreme Court ruled accepting the cassation appeal filed by Russia against the Hague Court of Appeal’s decision to pay $ 57 billion in favor of former Yukos shareholders.

Initially, the arbitration court ruled that Russia must pay $ 50 billion, but the Hague District Court overturned this decision, but last February the Hague Court of Appeal sided with the shareholders again and decided to pay $ 57 billion, after taking into account the benefits of the delay.

The Dutch Supreme Court will now have to assess Russian arguments that “numerous legal errors” have been made in the interpretation of international law.

Source: Novosti


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