The result of the Al Hilal match and the independence of Dushanbe today in the AFC Champions League is a severe loss


Al-Hilal and Istiqlal Dushanbe meet in the fourth round of the group stage in the AFC Champions League, at Prince Faisal bin Fahd Stadium in Riyadh. Al-Zaeem takes the top of the group well, as he managed to win two matches and a match until he succeeded in winning over his opponent today in the last meeting In the third round, he was able to beat him with three goals.

Al-Hilal enters the match today, and winning is the title of the match for him to remain at the top of the group and raise his tally to 10 points and expand the difference between him and the Indian club, IGC FC, the closest competitor to the second-placed team.

While Al-Istiqlal Club seeks to win to compensate for what happened in the last round and defeat it against its rival Al-Hilal Club, to improve its position and take the lead instead of Al-Hilal Club, and it has a good role in the group stage that is currently taking place, where the independence of Dushanbe comes in third place with four points and the Agmak team is equal to the number of points.

The result of the match Al Hilal and Istiql

Al-Hilal fails and loses a heavy loss, with four goals to one.

  • The match: Al Hilal x Istiklal Dushanbe.
  • Competition: AFC Champions League.
  • When: 07:05 pm, Mecca time.
  • The carrier channel: Saudi Sports Sport 3.
  • The stadium: King Abdulaziz City.
  • Commentary: Samir Al-Mairefi.

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