The removal of infringements at the expense of the infringer … and the affected person has recourse to the courts – Saudi News


“Okaz” learned that the higher authorities approved the rules for monitoring state properties and removing infringements. The sources revealed that the governmental land control committees and the removal of infringements will continue until the committees mentioned in the rules for monitoring state real estate are formed. According to the rules that “Okaz” reviewed, the state’s real estate is described on every real estate located inside Saudi Arabia that is divorced from private ownership, whether it has state bonds or not. While describing the encroachment on seizing any of the state’s real estate or disposing of it without a bond. Regular or preventing others from entering it or changing its features in any way, including its planning, cultivation, building on it, settlement or exploitation on a permanent and temporary basis for purposes contrary to the relevant regulations, decisions and instructions. The rules indicated that the main committee is concerned with monitoring state real estate and removing infringements and a committee is formed in the emirate of each region headed by the representative of the emirate and representatives of the Ministry of Justice, the Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs and Housing, the Ministry of Environment, Water and Agriculture and the General Authority for State Real Estate and the rank of the representative of the entity is not less than the tenth rank or its equivalent and the committee The main task is to form sub-committees in the governorates and centers whenever the need arises and to delegate them to any tasks except for issues related to the issuance of removal decisions. The rules aim to protect the state’s real estate from any infringement, preserve it, and take the necessary steps to remove it.Removal within 10 days … otherwise

In accordance with the rules for monitoring state real estate and removing infringements, the Main Committee – in order to carry out the tasks assigned to it based on these rules – shall check the location of any of the state’s properties that have been violated. And stopping any encroachment in the properties of the infringed country. Editing of a report containing that the committee has verified the infringement and the available documents or documents related to the site, and it shall be signed by all the members of the committee, in accordance with the procedures set forth in these rules. The rules also required the infringer to remove the infringement at his expense within a period not exceeding ten days from the date he was informed of this. In the event that he refuses or delays, the infringement will remain under the supervision of the main committee, and government agencies must cooperate with the main committee in implementing the decision to remove the infringement, and the committee may seek the assistance of the private sector in providing the equipment required for removal.

Compensation, expenses and restoring the situation to what it was

The rules oblige the infringer to pay the costs of removal and all compensation and expenses arising from the infringement, including compensation for taking the raw materials, and the expenses of returning the site to what it was before the infringement. According to the decision, the statutory penalties and sanctions applied to the infringer on state property. Without prejudice to the provisions of these rules, and every ministry or public body that has real estate – whether through ownership or allocation – must take the necessary measures to prevent any encroachment on them in a manner that guarantees the preservation of these properties, and establish a tight mechanism for communication and coordination with the main committee to enable it to To carry out its duties determined by these rules in the best possible way.


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