The referee that angered Ronaldo is subjected to a very harsh penalty!


The referee that angered Ronaldo is subjected to a very harsh penalty!


Dutch flag referee Mario Dix, who did not score a legitimate goal for Cristiano Ronaldo, who scored against Serbia (2-2) in the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 Qualifiers, was severely punished.

A source from the Dutch Football Association confirmed that Dex would not participate in the European Championship “Euro 2020” matches that will take place next summer.

The source said today, Tuesday, that he is expected to enter referee Jan de Vries instead of the Dutch refereeing team, which will be led by Danny Makeley.

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The decision to dispense with Dix comes three weeks after the match between Serbia and its Portuguese guest, as part of the European qualifiers for the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022.

The refereeing team did not count a correct goal for Ronaldo in the dead time in the final seconds of the match (2-2), due to the reason that the ball did not cross the goal line, in the absence of goal line technology and the video assistant referee “VAR”.

The historic scorer of the Portuguese national team, with 102 goals, protested strongly against the referee’s decision and his assistant not to count his goal so that Ronaldo got a yellow card, after which he threw the “Madeira missile” the captaincy of the Portugal national team on the field, and left the field very angry.

Three days later, Makeley told his assistant Dicks that he would replace him because he was no longer confident in cooperating with him, as the banner referee himself said in press statements in the Netherlands.

Three days later, Danny Makele, the referee of the match, apologized for not counting a correct goal for Ronaldo, as he said in a statement to the Portuguese sports newspaper “Apolla”: “According to FIFA policy, all I can say is that I apologized to Fernando Santos, the coach and the Portuguese national team.” About what happened .. As a panel of judges, we always work hard to make good decisions. When cases like this occur, they do not satisfy us at all. ”

Source: Agencies


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