The reason for the referee’s request for the Manchester-Dortmund meeting revealed Haaland’s signature


The reason for the assistant referee in the Champions League meeting between Manchester City and Borussia Dortmund has been revealed, the German team’s star, Erling Haaland, has been asked.

The incident caught attention after the Romanian referee, Tavi Sofre, was seen asking the young Norwegian player to sign him at the end of the match.

What are the reasons behind the incident?

“The signature was for a real high case,” Simona Zlibott, president of SOS Autism Support, said with Gazeta Sporturilor.

She added, “Some people may not know it, but Tavi Sofri works to support the organization. It helped us a lot in the past years.”

What lenses picked up?

The referee was seen speaking with Haaland on the way to the dressing room after City’s 2-1 victory over Dortmund on Tuesday night.

Haaland signed the yellow and red cards and then saluted the referee, which sparked much controversy.

What was said about the incident?

Manchester City coach Pep Guardiola commented on the matter at the press conference that he had not seen the incident, but perhaps the referee liked Haaland, and perhaps the signature of his son or daughter.

Owen Hargreaves and Julian Lescott, analysts at “BT Sport,” criticized the referee’s behavior for not being a professional.

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