The Ramadan competition has started … these are the times for the series to be shown


The mtv channel broadcasts the series “20 20” daily, after the evening news bulletin

It can be said that the dramatic competition in the month of Ramadan 2021 is lackluster this year, with the exception of some new works that are broadcast on the screens and which are important to attract the viewer’s attention. Yesterday, the competition began on the screens, and each channel announced the timings for the series to be broadcast. In this context, after the evening news bulletin, LBCI will broadcast the series “Raseef Al Gharba” (producer and director Elie Maalouf, written by Tony Chamoun). The series brings together in the form of a social drama a number of actors, including: Fadi Ibrahim, Carmen Lebbes, Ammar Shalak, Rahaf Abdullah, Hussein Fneish, Ali Mneimneh, and Elie Shalouhi. The channel completes its programming and shows the Turkish series “The Daughter of the Ambassador” (21:30), which tells a love story that lives in difficult circumstances. The screen (22:30) broadcasts the series “Silk Market” (written by Hanan Al-Mahraji, produced by Maysaloun Company, directed by the two brothers Bassam and Moamen Al-Mulla). The project takes place in Damascus in the 1950s, and tells the story of Omran (Bassam Kousa) and his disagreements with his brother (Salloum Haddad). On the other hand, the mtv channel shows several series, starting with the Turkish series “Love and trouble” (18:00), followed by “Bitterness of Love” (19:00). After the evening news bulletin, the series “20 20” (written by Nadine Jaber and Bilal Shehadat, directed by Philip Asmar, produced by “Sabah Brothers”), which combines Qusay Khouli and Nadine Njeim, will be revealed. The channel continues to show its projects and broadcasts the series “Rahwa” (21:30 – written by Claudia Marshalian and directed by Nadim Muhanna), which brings together Karen Rizkallah and Badi ‘Abu Shakra. MTV concludes its programming with the series “To Die” (22:30 – written by Nadine Jaber and Bilal Shehadat and directed by Philip Asmar, produced by “Sabbah Brothers”), by Maguy Bou Ghosn and Daniela Rahma. For its part, “Al-Jadid” channel shows the series “Dayaa Dayaa” (18:00 – written by Mamdouh Hamadeh and directed by Al-Laith Hajjo), followed by the series “Diaries of a General Manager” (19:00). The series “Al-Basha” (written by Marwan Kawouk and directed by Makram Al-Rayyes) was shown after the evening news bulletin, starring the Syrian star Rashid Assaf. The station continues its programming, broadcasting a “wave of anger” (21:30 – written by Zeina Abdel Razek, produced and directed by Elie Maalouf).


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