The PS Vita was planned to be discontinued years ago


Sony announced at the end of last month the closure of PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita stores in July and August respectively, and although the end of support for these digital stores was surprising and shocking even for game developers, the company had planned this for years, according to the statements of a former employee who refused to reveal his identity .

An employee who worked for a while at Sony Corporation and refused to reveal his identity, explained in his statements:

Sony considers the PS Vita a failure, they’ve missed pretty much every goal set for device sales, and for profit businesses it’s just as bad as it gets.

The company wasn’t bothered by the poor performance of the platform for a while and it was considered part of the passive income, but over time the situation got worse and they decided to stop the subsidy.

There were some strong supporters of this decision within the company, especially from the Japanese side, but that was like “We warned you in advance,” and the whole thing can be considered part of the internal cultural war that the company has been going through for years.

The employee also revealed that the company planned to introduce Trophies for the PSP, but abandoned the idea after the famous hack on the PlayStation Network in 2011.

After the nightmare that occurred in 2011, Sony was horrified by the word “breakthrough”. At that time, it was planned to introduce the Trophies to the PSP, but because of that incident, the idea was permanently abandoned.

The employee finally responded to a player’s inquiry about the company abandoning several well-known titles, to confirm that Sony is a commercial company that cares first and foremost about the way to make money and not feelings and emotions.

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