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Today, Emirates Airlines flight “EK 2021” flew across the skies of the United Arab Emirates, to celebrate the remarkable progress made by the national vaccination program “Covid-19”, where nearly 9 million doses of vaccine have been given so far.

On this unprecedented flight in the world of aviation, the A380 carried about 400 passengers, who received the two vaccine doses, including invited senior officials in the aviation and health sectors, which confirms the confidence in travel and the excitement that does not fade away and people’s eagerness to travel by air.

The service of flight “EK 2021” was also carried out by teams whose members were fully vaccinated, from the crew on board to the ground service personnel, which embodies the readiness and readiness of the aviation industry in the United Arab Emirates for a strong and safe return of air travel.

Despite the pandemic, the UAE has maintained its position as a leading global aviation hub. It will continue to enhance its position as a link for passengers and cargo through innovation, collaboration and investments across the aviation system.

His Highness Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed Al Maktoum, Supreme President and CEO of Emirates Airlines and the Group, said: “The remarkable progress of the national vaccination program in the country embodies the wisdom and vision of our wise leadership and its commitment to protecting society through the adoption of appropriate measures to protect citizens and residents. The relevant protocols and protocols that have been implemented during the past 12 months to ensure a safe flight in order to stimulate travel movement and establish the rules for a strong and safe return of air travel. We at the Emirates Group continue to support the national vaccination program, and are pleased with the progress we have made in vaccinating our employees. ” .

Adel Al-Reda, Chief Operating Officer of Emirates Airlines, said, “I would like to thank the Dubai Health Authority for its close cooperation and support for our special journey, for its comprehensive efforts in managing the pandemic and its great role in helping the aviation sector return to the path of recovery.”

The United Arab Emirates is one of the world’s leading countries in providing vaccines to citizens and residents for free, at a rate of 86.92 doses per 90.32 people, in addition to intensifying efforts to limit the spread of Covid-19. “To date, the country has provided about 9 million vaccine doses, and has provided four types of vaccines. For citizens and residents.

The Emirates Group began a campaign to vaccinate its employees in the United Arab Emirates about three months ago, and since then, the two doses of the “Covid 19” vaccine have so far received more than 35 thousand employees in several centers of the group.

The EK 2021 flight operated with the latest Emirates Airbus A380 aircraft, equipped with the new Premium Economy Class cabin and modern cabins in all classes. The first-class and business passengers were able to communicate safely in the on-board air lounge, and all passengers enjoyed a delicious full meal.

The A380, which combines the latest in aviation technology and unique interior design, remains a favorite among customers due to its spaciousness and quietness. Airbus this month launched the travel app Tripset, which collects and provides flight and travel information for passengers to facilitate and restore their confidence in their flights during the pandemic. It also provides passengers with the latest travel conditions, restrictions and health requirements in place, without the need to refer to multiple sources.

The app embodies Airbus’ commitment, along with new airlines, industry partners and regulatory agencies, to encourage the public to have confidence in air travel, and to support the safe and coordinated return to aviation, which is a vital sector for the global economic recovery from the Covid-19 pandemic.

Passengers on flight EK 2021 were allowed to experience all of Dubai International Airport’s services and amenities on the ground before boarding the plane. In addition to inspecting the latest measures that would help travelers enjoy a safe and smooth journey, including biometric technology and the termination of all contactless procedures, which Emirates Airlines recently started implementing in the check-in areas and boarding gates at Dubai International Airport.

On the ground, passengers of Flight EK 2021 completed their travel procedures using the latest biometric technology for a seamless journey across multiple touch points. The number of biometric contact points has recently increased to 18 check-in counters and 15 boarding gates. Thanks to this, first-class and business passengers enjoyed seamless biometric access to experience the Emirates’ private lounge at Dubai International Airport.

After completing the travel procedures, the passengers received the Green Pollen Selection Pin as a souvenir and took pictures to celebrate this special event. They also received the “Choose Vaccination” stamp on their boarding passes as an additional souvenir. Upon leaving the plane, Emirates Airlines provided all passengers with commemorative certificates for their participation in this flight.

Flight EK 2021 was piloted by Emirati Captain Ahmed Al Obaidly, and his assistant, First Officer Ramon Wild, with the support of Captain Ricky Garala.

The private flight received support tweets from individuals and various institutions in the aviation sector in Dubai and the United Arab Emirates.

Emirates Airlines donated proceeds from Flight EK 2021 to the Emirates Airline Foundation, a non-profit organization that aims to raise the standard of living of children around the world through projects around the world.



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