The “Princess Seetah Award” honors the pioneers of social work … and supports the “Green Saudi Arabia” – Saudi Arabia News


Under the patronage of the Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, the Minister of Human Resources and Chairman of the Board of Trustees of the Award, Eng. Ahmed Al-Rajhi, yesterday (Sunday) honored the winners of the Princess Seetah Bint Abdulaziz Award for Excellence in Social Work.The award announced its initiatives in support of green Saudi Arabia that target remote areas and needy families, development, training and support in accordance with specific environmental programs. The Minister of Resources, Eng. Ahmed Al-Rajhi, said in a speech at the ceremony that the country remained proud of its advanced developmental achievements and humanitarian stances when difficulties intensified and challenges emerged. Despite all the difficult circumstances that the world went through in the pandemic, the country was a model for the concept of a strong state with its ambitions, ready for crises with all its energies, prepared for Where the readiness of its infrastructure, support for the people on its land and everywhere, and he asked, “Should we not be proud and proud?”

Al-Rajhi explained that social work is considered a major tributary of development, which has become a milestone in the advancement of peoples and their civilization. He added: We are happy to honor the award to its winners and it came in line with the events of the times and allocated the topic of its session for this year under the name of social work in the face of crises and dangers.

For his part, the Secretary-General of the Award, Dr. Fahd Al-Maghlouth, stressed that the exceptional circumstance imposes strict restrictions, but we were able to meet together for a noble goal to honor those who had white hands towards the homeland in its darkest times, indicating that the award was presented to it by 404 candidates from entities and individuals of the five branches. Of them, 37 candidates for the evaluation stage, 17 of them reached the final stage of arbitration, and after the final decision and application of the award criteria and field visits to the sites of the candidates by the jury, the opinion settled on 7 winners. Noting from the award the importance of its national role and in line with the state’s directives and initiatives to enhance the quality of life of the citizen, and in support of the initiative of the Crown Prince (Green Saudi Arabia), the Princess Seetah Award announces its supportive initiatives (together to support Green Saudi Arabia).


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