The Omani artist, Zara Al-Balushi, raises an uproar with the video “God reconciled her and divorced me with Mercedes Al-Mahaiti!”


Raised Omani artist Zara Al Balushi Controversy after publishing a video in which she revealed that she got a modern Mercedes in exchange for her divorce.
Al-Balushi said with a smile in the video that she posted on her personal account on the Snapchat application: “By God, he settled her and divorced me with Mercedes.
The artist, residing in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, also published another video showing the moment she signed the receipt to receive the car, in which her real name, Zainab Al-Balushi, appears.
In addition to another picture, holding the car key and commenting on it: “Sawaha Al-Qahtani,” and another clip showing the truck as it puts her new car in front of her house.

Zara Al Balushi’s divorce

Last March, Zara Al Balushi surprised her fans by announcing that she had separated from her husband after only one month of their marriage.
Zara Al Balushi said in a video clip posted on her official account on “Snapchat”: “I do not want to repeat the experience of not announcing my separation. After my second breakup, I felt that everyone blesses me with marriage while it ended so.”
And Zara Al-Balushi added: “I no longer care much about divorce, especially since it is the second, and I got immunity from divorce like the Corona vaccine.”
Zara Al-Balushi explained the reason for publishing the details of her second separation, and said: “All of you will ask why I published the news, because I feel that the same thing happened to me when I separated from Samir and did not announce, and whenever someone saw me, he asked me about it and sent him greetings on my way.”
And she continued: “Yesterday at the opening ceremony of the film, the same thing happened. Before they blessed me for the film, they blessed me for marriage, so I felt that the same thing was repeated.”
Zara Al-Balushi confirmed that she does not want anything but that no one blesses her and not open the marriage career.

For his part, Saudi artist Saeed Al-Qahtani settled the news circulating about his association and divorce with the Omani artist Zara Al-Balushi.
Saeed Al-Qahtani said in a video he posted via the Al -asturi feature on his account with “Instagram”: “It is necessary to warn, because the issue has become exaggerated.”
He continued: “I do not have any relationship with Sister Zara Al Balushi, except for one work relationship, one work, and even our viewers were few.”
Regarding Zara Al-Balushi mentioning the family name of “Al-Qahtani,” Saeed said: “You are talking about another person, I don’t know who he is, and I don’t want to know who he is. Please, why do you call me such rumors”.
He added, “I am only followed by Instagram in 2000, so you will never benefit from my views, no one knows about you. Please leave me alone.”

To Qassim

Last February, Zara Al-Balushi topped the most-discussed topics on search engines, after publishing her wedding preparations.
Zara Al Balushi documented, through her official account on the “Snapchat” application, for her fans every step of her wedding, which it turned out to be taking place. In the city of Al-Qassim, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, where she spread the moment of her plane boarding to get there.

Al-Balushi also appeared in the white dress, and published her readiness to apply cosmetics, and commented: “We say in the name of God and prepare … O Lord, grant you success.”

Views of Zara Al Balushi at her wedding

Then Zara Al Balushi documented the moment she underwent a photo session after her preparations were completely completed, and she was wearing an elegant embroidered bra system. She wore subtle make-up with a bun updo, and a fluffy veil.

Who is the groom of Zara Al Balushi!

Al-Balushi did not reveal the identity of the groom, but before her wedding, she had previously talked about the feelings of love and the emotional relationship that she is going through.
In one of her publications: “Because you came at a time when I was rejecting love, I loved you more than it should be.”
Zara wrote a comment on a picture she posted of herself: “I chose your love out of the love of the rest and I am satisfied.”
Al-Balushi hinted at the approaching of her wedding and wrote: “From today the countdown to single life begins soon, I will be a bride with good luck, Lord.”
One of the art sites also wrote that Zara’s new groom is her colleague, the Saudi actor Saeed Al-Qahtani, to deny, saying: “No, no, Saeed Al-Qahtani, completely clarify the topic !!”.

Samir Aref

In 2014, she married Al-Balushi, the Saudi director Samir Aref, whom she met during the filming of the series “I’m Sorry”. But they separated after five years.
After her divorce, Zara traveled to Georgia to return to Saudi Arabia, after which she obtained a golden residency there. As she announced that she will settle down and live her life there because the Kingdom is the only homeland she knows.
It is worth noting that Al-Balushi is an Omani actress residing in Saudi Arabia, and she always performs the character of Saudi women and has participated in dozens of dramas and theatrical productions.
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