The “Noor Riyadh” festival stimulates creativity in Saudi Arabia


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                The Riyadh sky was lit up with intricate light installations, created by 60 local and international artists. The Festival of Light was held with the aim of boosting the country's creative economy and transforming the capital into a center for new art forms.  The festival is organized by the Riyadh Art Project, with the participation of local and foreign artists.  

                                    <p>Within the framework of this cultural event, journalist Munir al-Nimr indicated that the celebration gives an indication of the future of quality art.  Media Maysoon Abu Bakr said that Riyadh looks more beautiful with these lights decorating its walls. 

The festival includes 33 light installations and sculptures, a lighting show and an interactive show throughout Riyadh, which the public can enjoy for free.

The “Noor Al Riyadh” celebration kicked off on March 17th, and the exhibitions held at the King Abdullah Financial District will continue until June 12th.



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