The Ministry of Public Health is making a field visit to Deir El Qamar Governmental Hospital


Yesterday afternoon, Acting Director General of the Ministry of Health, Professor Fadi Sinan, Head of Hospitals Department, Dr. Antoine Romanos, and Engineer Akram Karam, representing the Council for Development and Reconstruction, paid a field visit to Deir El Qamar Governmental Hospital.

They were received by Deputy Dr. Farid Al-Bustani, Professor Antoine Al-Bustani, head of the hospital committee officially commissioned by the Ministry of Health, members of the committee, the contracting company and a number of engineers and supervisors of the project.

The delegation inspected the ongoing work and listened to an explanation from the engineers about the progress of the works in the completion of the construction.

And after a word of welcome from the deputy gardener, during which he greeted all those who helped build the hospital among those who preceded him, especially the Marian Order that gave the land to all the sons of the monastery and the Chouf, and paid a special greeting to His Excellency the Minister of Health Dr. Hamad Hassan and the Acting Director General of the Ministry Fadi Sinan and Dr. Antoine Romanos, and the engineer, Akram Karam. MP Al-Bustani also extended a greeting of thanks for the generous Kuwaiti contribution to building the hospital.

After that, His Excellency the Director General spoke, who stressed the ministry’s commitment, under the directives of Minister Hamad Hassan, to completing and equipping Deir Al-Qamar Governmental Hospital, and praised the cooperation with Deputy Dr. Farid Al-Bustani in building the hospital.

Then the Director of the Hospital Department, Professor Antoine Romanos, expressed his admiration for the work being carried out and promised that not long ago, the first section of the hospital will be opened.

As for the head of the Deir al-Qamar Hospital Committee, Professor Antoine Al-Bustani, he thanked all the participants in completing the work, so that the people of Deir al-Qamar and the neighboring towns would finally become a modern hospital that meets their medical needs.

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