The Minister of Health: The start of vaccinating workers in the petroleum sector with the Covid 19 vaccine within days


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Dr. Hala Zayed, Minister of Health and Population, Engineer Tariq Al-Mulla, Minister of Petroleum and Mineral Resources, and Mr. Antonio Panza, CEO of the Italian company Eni for North Africa, received today, Thursday, at the Ministry’s general office, to discuss ways of cooperation in facing the emerging Corona virus pandemic.

This came in the presence of Dr. Mohamed Hassani, Assistant Minister of Health for Public Health Initiatives, Major General Wael Al-Saai, Assistant Minister of Health for Financial and Administrative Affairs, Dr. Mustafa Ghanima, Assistant Minister of Health for Clinical Medicine Affairs, and Dr. Mohsen Taha, Head of the Clinical Medicine Sector.

Dr. Khaled Mujahid, Assistant Minister of Health and Population for Information and Awareness and the official spokesperson for the ministry, said that the minister witnessed the receipt of 20 ventilators at a cost of more than $ 600,000 provided by the Italian company, Eni, operating in the field of oil and natural gas in Egypt, as part of the support of the Ministry of Health and Population efforts in Confronting the kurna virus pandemic.

“Mujahid” added that the minister clarified that these devices will be distributed to hospitals designated to receive patients with the Corona virus, stressing that the initiative of the oil sector and the Italian company Eni to provide ventilators will contribute to saving thousands of lives.

Mujahid indicated that the minister thanked the Minister of Petroleum and Mineral Resources for his continuous support to the health sector, and also thanked the Italian company Eni for its initiative to support the efforts of the Egyptian state in addressing the pandemic and advancing the health system. The comprehensive health insurance system and equipping a health unit and medical center in the Emirates neighborhood in Port Said Governorate, in addition to the ministry’s donation of 14 ventilators during the last period, as a contribution to addressing the Coronavirus pandemic.

“Mujahid” continued that the minister emphasized during the meeting the depth of relations between Egypt and Italy and the mutual and continuous cooperation between the two countries to address the new Corona virus pandemic, through the exchange of medical aid shipments between the two countries.

“Mujahid” stated that during the meeting, the minister emphasized coordination with the petroleum sector to start vaccinating all workers in the oil and mineral resources sector, as well as medical staff in the Ministry of Petroleum’s hospitals, with the Corona virus vaccine next week as part of the vaccination of workers in the major economic sectors in the country.

On his part, Engineer Tariq Al-Mulla, Minister of Petroleum and Mineral Resources, thanked the Minister of Health and the medical personnel for their efforts, whether during the Coronavirus pandemic or through health campaigns and initiatives to prevent various diseases under the auspices of President Abdel Fattah Al-Sisi, stressing the continuation of providing all means of support and assistance To the Ministry of Health and the Health Sector, to continue providing the best medical services for those infected with the Corona virus.

The Minister of Petroleum and Mineral Resources emphasized that the petroleum sector has worked to present a number of positive health initiatives in coordination with the Ministry of Health, including the blood donation campaign in oil companies, stressing that all hospitals and medical centers of the oil sector in Cairo, Alexandria and Suez are available to receive those infected with the Coronavirus. In the event that the health system needs it, as well as putting all the capabilities, branches and work areas of the petroleum companies geographically dispersed to serve the health system.

For his part, Mr. Antonio Panza, CEO of North Africa at the Italian company Eni, stressed the importance of the company’s support for the health sector in Egypt with ventilators, as they are of utmost necessity in preserving lives in light of the new Corona virus pandemic, stressing that international companies pay attention. Great responsibility towards societies.

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