The media, May Al-Aidan, attacks the artist, Ali Youssef: There is neither art nor content


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Kuwaiti media attacked Mai Al-Aidan, Iraqi artist, Ali Yusuf, Through her own account on the photo and video site “Instagram”, describing it as “neither art nor content.”

Where Mai Al-Aidan re-posted a picture of the artist Ali Youssef, published it through his own account on the “Instagram” website, and commented on it, “I tell you how much I expect, the time has come for me to end all this chaos.” Hand if you start talking … and the chaos that you and your wife are talking about. Your fame and not, you are not art or content. ”

The media, May Al-Aidan, attacks the artist, Ali Youssef: There is neither art nor content

With this offensive comment, the media, Mai Al-Aidan, intends to respond to the artist Ali Youssef, regarding his recent crisis with the artist. Hind Al Balushi.

Where it is still the story of the Kuwaiti actress marriage Hind Al Balushi And the Iraqi artist Ali Yusuf It holds a lot of mystery, especially after he continued to shrug and spread his wife Zahraa Al-Basri Videos confirming the stability of their lives together

Where it caused Hind Al Balushi and Ali Youssef marriage In a lot of controversy after she announced their marriage and published a picture she had collected with the singer Ali, through which she confirmed their marriage, as she explained that the beginning of their acquaintance was in the State of Kuwait when she was presenting it in the month of Ramadan, where they presented a comic ring together and this episode caused a kind of The attraction between them.

Ali Youssef and Hind Al-Balushi’s relationship began since that episode and lasted 5 months through online communication because he resides in Iraq and she resides in Kuwait, until a decision was made to marry officially, but with an agreement not to announce the news except in a timely manner, and she indicated that their marriage contract was completed. Officially, last August in Turkey, where they spent a long honeymoon that lasted for nearly 5 months.

The media, May Al-Aidan, attacks the artist, Ali Youssef: There is neither art nor content

But Zahra Al-Basri, the Iraqi wife of the artist, Ali Youssef, recently revealed new secrets and secrets about their relationship together, and about his marriage to the artist, Hind Al-Balushi.

Through her account on the site and application “Instagram”, Zahraa Al-Basri wrote in response to how she deals with rumors about her husband, confirming that he is an artist and he encounters many girls in his life, and that the pictures spread to him are from filming one of his works, but someone worked it wrongly, confirming that there is no one. He can enter between her and her husband, and their life is very stable. ”

Zahraa Al-Basri, wife of Ali Youssef, posted a video of him while he was enjoying the company of his daughter Malak and sings for her, which indicates the stability of their lives together, which she commented on Hind Al Balushi indirect way.

Hind Al-Balushi had published a story feature on her personal account on the Instagram application, published by her, saying that she did not have time to justify anything that was happening and did not pay any attention to others.

Hind assured that she will not justify the stupid acts that she described as being carried out by others, and that she has a goal much more important than those absurdities, and after that she will draw and respond to the stupid statements.

The media, May Al-Aidan, attacks the artist, Ali Youssef: There is neither art nor content

Hind Al-Balushi threatened that she decided to disclose what she had would not be in the interest of anyone, saying: “By God, if he sent down what I have burned the world, but it is not my thing and not my mood .. So busy with your life, my life, you are everything in its sweet time and promise you know me say and do.”

The Kuwaiti actress Hind Al-Balushi appeared on the Snapchat application during a video call with her husband, the Iraqi singer Ali Youssef, in which Hind appeared asking about his conditions, and he repeated the question to her. This is the first video in which Youssef and Hind appear together after the news of his circulation about and confirmed about Her marriage to Ali, which she did not confirm or deny, is content with silence and non-response.

The media, May Al-Aidan, attacks the artist, Ali Youssef: There is neither art nor content

The war between Hind Al Balushi and Ali Youssef’s wife:

Ali Youssef is an Iraqi artist who started his artistic career after he graduated from the Talent Program “The Voice” is the sweetest Iraqi voice who joined the artist Assi Al-Hillani during the program, but he was not lucky enough to win the title.

He attended many Lebanese, Gulf and Iraqi albums and was very famous on social media because of his diversity in singing and the voice of Gemayel.
He was born in 1990, to an Iraqi father and mother, who had a BA in sculpture and painting.

After the news of the artist Ali Youssef’s marriage to the artist Hind Al Balushi spread, it became clear that he was already married to a young Iraqi woman named Zahraa Al Basri, an expert in the field of fashion and make-up, with whom he had a daughter named Malak, which sparked controversy recently after revealing his marriage to Hind Al Balushi.

Kuwaiti actress Hind Al Balushi announced on January 7, 2021 Her marriage From the Iraqi artist Ali Youssef revealing that they got married after a love affair in Turkey secretly with the knowledge of the family and that they did not think about revealing the marriage, but the news issued on social networking sites.
Hind Al-Balushi is divorced and has two children from her first marriage, and she is 36 years old, meaning that she is years older than her husband, Ali Yusuf.

War broke out between Zahraa Al-Basri, the first wife of the artist Ali Youssef and the artist Hind Al-Balushi, who is his second wife. Women for the man, she also shared with the audience a group of pictures that she and her husband Ali Youssef collected, as well as a group of intimate messages between them.


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