The launch of Sheikh Zayed’s website in the Korean language – UAE – News and reports


Abdullah Saif Al-Nuaimi, the country’s ambassador to the Republic of South Korea – in cooperation with the Ministry of Culture and Youth and the UAE-Korea Friendship Association, launched the website For the founder of the state, the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan, may God rest his soul, in the Korean language, in conjunction with Zayed Day for Humanitarian Work, which falls on the 19th of Ramadan every year.

This initiative aims to familiarize Koreans and speakers of the Korean language inside and outside the UAE with the biography and achievements of the late founder of the country, Sheikh Zayed, which contributes to strengthening the country’s cultural diplomacy and increasing rapprochement between the peoples of the two friendly countries. It is also considered an exceptional initiative during the celebration of the UAE-Korean cultural dialogue year..

The site includes the emergence of the late Sheikh Zayed and his great role in establishing the state with his brothers the rulers in 1971, as well as his vision in the development and development of the state in various magazines and sectors of the economy, political, cultural, health, education and in the empowerment of women and others, so that the UAE can achieve a distinguished position internationally, especially in The field of humanitarian and charitable work.

The site also included the most important policies that Sheikh Zayed pursued with other countries, the original values ​​and customs that adhere to them, such as wisdom and tolerance, the rejection of extremism and violence in all its forms, and the most important international awards that the late Sheikh Zayed received in honor of his generous efforts, and the memorial monuments bearing his name..

The site contained a special section for an exhibition of memorial photos that gathered him with a number of world leaders, and for the most important meetings and field visits that he carried out in various regions of the country as part of his follow-up to development and development projects..

The site contributes to conveying the lofty message pursued by the UAE in providing humanitarian aid and charitable work that Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan presented to the international community..



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