The Largest Rabbit In The World – Miscellaneous


British police launched a call for witnesses after “the biggest rabbit in the world” was stolen, according to a description in the Guinness Book of Records, while its owner set a reward for anyone who helped find it.

Security forces reported that the 1.29-meter Darius rabbit was stolen from a barn where he was living in his owners’ garden in Stolton, Rochester, Saturday night Sunday 12/11 April 2021.

The owner of the rabbit, Annette Edwards, promised, on Twitter, a financial reward of 1,000 pounds ($ 1,376) for anyone who helped return it, explaining that the 11-year-old animal, according to Monte Carlo, had passed the age of reproduction.

“Every individual animal cannot be replaced,” Edwards, a 68-year-old former model, told The Daily Telegraph.

She indicated that the rabbit, Darius, follows a special diet due to his age, and therefore, if he stops this diet, it would expose him to death.

Darius’ rabbit was listed in the Guinness Book of Records as “the largest rabbit alive” in 2010.



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