The Ismailia Documentary Film Festival unveils the poster for the 22nd session


Management revealed Ismailia International Film Festival For documentary and short films, about the poster of its 22nd session, to be held during the period from 19 to 25 May, headed by film critic Essam Zakaria, the poster derives its design from the environment in which the festival is held, which is Ismailia Governorate and its connection to the Suez Canal.

Where the poster includes a ship crossing the canal and carrying the number of the festival’s 22 sessions, and the embrace of the Ismailia Governorate for all cinematic cultures of the different countries participating in the festival.

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The poster designed by Hadeer Al-Sajai, and the festival management is expected to announce all the details of the next session, in the coming days.

The critic Essam Zakaria, president of the Ismailia Festival, confirmed that the main program consisting of the main competitions known for long and short documentary films, short fictional works and animation films is being finalized.

And special programs, including the Animation Film Program and its most important schools in the world now, where a day will be devoted to each of them to display their films and explain their most important characteristics and features that distinguish them.

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The three main pillars of the festival, and the time has come to pay more attention to it and shed light on it, and to inform the audience and filmmakers as well about the boom that it has witnessed and the tremendous developments that have taken place in the world, especially since we have not, unfortunately, kept up with it.

It is noteworthy that the Ismailia International Film Festival for Documentary and Short Films is held annually by the National Film Center, headed by screenwriter Muhammad Al-Basousi, in Ismailia Governorate.

The Ismailia International Film Festival is one of the oldest festivals in the Arab world, and the first Arab festivals specializing in documentary and short films, as it started its first session in 1991.


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