The Houthi attack does not stop .. What are the Saudi cards?


The Houthis announced the targeting of King Khalid Air Base in the city of Khamis Mushait, in southern Saudi Arabia, with a drone, and the group’s military spokesman, Yahya Saree, said that the plane bombed a sensitive military target.

The fire in the face of the sky is matched by the furnace of the earth .. The Yemeni army said that it had made new progress in the Maqbana front, west of Taiz governorate, after battles with the Houthis, while confrontations continued between the two sides in the Ma’rib governorate.
Amid these developments, the UN Security Council welcomed the Saudi initiative to end the conflict in Yemen and reach a comprehensive political solution, calling on all parties to work constructively with the UN Special Envoy for Yemen and negotiate without preconditions, which was rejected by the Houthis, holding the Council and the Arab coalition responsible for the famine in Yemen.
What is the explanation for the momentum of the Houthi attacks on Saudi Arabia in recent times? To what extent is this related to the escalation on the ground?
What is the secret of the Houthi’s rejection of the Security Council’s statement? What are the bets of the two parties, internally and externally, to reduce the furnace of confrontation?


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