The head of the “European Super” detonates the surprise: No one has withdrawn


Real Madrid president Florentino Perez defended the collapsed European Super League project, setting off a surprise that no club had officially withdrawn.

The president of the UEFA Super League said he was open to changing the system as long as the big clubs “with the largest number of fans and followers on social media” included their place.

And after the announcement of the European Super League project on Sunday, the founding clubs withdrew successively, leaving only Real Madrid and Barcelona.

Surprise withdrawal

Perez said that the clubs that withdrew from the European Super League championship have not formally left the tournament, indicating that there are penal conditions that have not been paid yet.

Peres refused to specify the value of the penal conditions, but he expressed, in statements to the Spanish radio “Cadena Ser”, his sadness and disappointment due to his work on the project for 3 years to combat the economic situation of the mass clubs.

He continued: “The contracts are signed and binding, and the Premier League clubs cannot leave in this way. We will not file lawsuits, but they are serious people and we will find solutions together and there are penal conditions.”

He continued: “I am not afraid of UEFA or FIFA, and if there is a belief that the Super League has died and ended, then this is a completely wrong belief.”

Project not dead

The Real Madrid president stressed that the Super League project is not dead and that it is still in discussions with the clubs, adding in statements to the “La Largero” radio program: “The project is still in progress, work continues. I am convinced that if this project does not succeed, it will be successful.” A similar project. ”

The project stipulated that 15 teams would secure their place in the tournament, with 5 other teams qualifying each season.

Perez added that “4 from everywhere” could qualify without explaining further details.

Perez attacked the Champions League system, saying: “It is outdated. The tournament is exciting only from the quarter-finals, but the European Super League will continue from August until the end of the season.”

Perez considered that the changes to the Champions League system, beginning in 2024, are late and insufficient, adding: “We need to do this now. We cannot wait three years. When all this is over, reality will emerge and we will see what happens. The clubs will lose more than two billion euros.”

Perez compared football and tennis and indicated that there was a need for permanent matches similar to the confrontations of Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal.

Perez repeated his allegations made 48 hours ago when he talked about the suffering of the major clubs on the financial side and their need for financial guarantees that will be provided by the new Super League.

The European Union (UEFA), fans’ associations and other clubs said the Super League would increase the influence and wealth of big clubs and that its closed system contradicted the European football model.

Perez indicated that the 6 English clubs that withdrew were not convinced of the project and that their hesitation “affected others”, claiming that the Chelsea fans who demonstrated against the new tournament before their team’s match against Brighton on Monday were driven by other parties, but he did not disclose the details.


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