The Golf Association and Ras Al Khaimah Club for People of Determination organized a charitable event – sports – all games


Last Friday, the Al Hamra Golf Club in Ras Al Khaimah hosted the charitable golf event, which was held in cooperation between the Emirates Golf Federation and Ras Al Khaimah Club for People of Determination, and was set up in an educational, competitive and charitable atmosphere for this community group aimed at collecting donations for the club and providing a platform that allows people of determination to meet and interact. Rather, engaging in sports, cultural and social activities.

Sumaya Abdullah bin Hareb Al Suwaidi, General Manager of Ras Al Khaimah Club for People of Determination, explained that this initiative aimed to shed light and enhance support for the integration of people of determination into society, and comes in line with the vision of our wise leadership to build an inclusive society that guarantees the empowerment and well-being of people of determination and their families, especially as they constitute A fundamental pillar of society, and a pivotal element in the national human cadres, and thanked the Emirates Golf Federation for its support and interest in this community segment of the Al Hamra Club for embracing this initiative that pleased everyone.

15 participants

The aiming initiative witnessed the participation of 15 players from this community group, and was held for 3 hours under the spotlight, where the coach of the Tunisian national golf teams gave practical lessons to introduce the basics of the game, its tools used and the rackets used during training, and to create opportunities for individuals to try golf for the first time.

And this initiative was witnessed by Muhammad Bani Hassan, the club’s administrative and technical supervisor, along with coaches Enfraz Al-Asaad, Sami Abu Al-Majd and Mahmoud Ahmed, and from the Game Union Robert Fela, and three players from the Game Union were keen to be present and provide practical and motivational lessons. National team coach April Lauren.


Coach Samir Ali praised the great interaction shown by all participants in this initiative and the desire to practice this sport despite their first appearance in the game arenas, especially the speed of implementation on the ground, which reflects optimism for the future, and added that the support and attention that the club provides to its children will contribute greatly to spreading the game and increasing Participant board and its practitioners.

Samir Ali explained that the directives of the Federation’s Board of Directors, led by Sheikh Fahim bin Sultan Al Qasimi, and with tireless follow-up by Khaled Al Shamsi, Secretary General, aim to provide most ways to succeed for this community group. Spreading the experience and interest in Al-Thiqa clubs in Sharjah, Khorfakkan, Al-Ain, Ajman and Dubai to spread this sport and form a broad base from this community group, which will eventually lead to the formation of teams in preparation for the upcoming local and foreign benefits.



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