The future of passwordless technology


Dubai: “The Gulf”
Cisco Secure revealed a simple and effective future for cybersecurity based on a system of Duo to certify data validity through a neutral infrastructure without the need for a password, and that it integrates seamlessly with the existing Duo data validation system used by more than 25,000 organizations. Globally, the new system from Duo Security for data validation without password authentication will allow enterprise users to skip passwords and securely log into cloud applications via security keys or biometric options embedded in modern laptops and smartphones.
Everyone knows the consequences of using passwords. It can be easily penetrated and difficult to administer, which costs organizations billions of dollars annually. Users struggle with too many passwords in their personal and professional lives. Password reset requests also constitute a large part of the technical support office’s tasks, which reduces user productivity and raises technical support costs for businesses.
Duo Passwordless Accreditation System is part of Cisco’s industry approach, which is based on the Trust System platform, ensuring that the user, from any device, accesses any application or IT platform. The product is designed with a neutral infrastructure, paving the way for a password-free future while ensuring organizations can seamlessly protect any combination of cloud and on-premises applications without the need for multiple products to validate data or leave dangerous security holes.
“Cisco has strived to develop a passwordless authentication system to meet the needs of a diverse and growing workforce, and enable the largest possible group of organizations to safely progress towards a password-free future, regardless of the needs of the largest possible group of organizations,” said Fadi Yunus, Head of Cybersecurity at Cisco Middle East and Africa. Look for their IT group ».
He adds, “It is not an exaggeration that the data validation system without a password will have the most important global impact on how users access data, by making this option, which is the easiest and the most secure as well.”


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