The funeral procession for Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, put his coffin on a Land Rover


A coffin, the Duke of Edinburgh, Prince Philip, was placed on a Land Rover he designed in preparation for the funeral, which begins with a procession that lasts about 20 minutes from Windsor Castle to St George’s Chapel.

At the start of the procession, Queen Elizabeth will get into her car to join the family in the funeral ceremony.

The 30 mourners arrived at Windsor Castle in a winding line of black cars in preparation for the funeral of Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, who passed away at the age of 99, Friday 9 April.

The modified Land Rover, which the Duke helped design, stood outside Windsor Castle, ready to take the duke’s coffin to the funeral.

The Duke’s favorite carriage was also taken in preparation for the procession, and it was pulled by two black ponies. The four-wheeled aluminum and steel cart was built in dark green to Duke’s specifications eight years ago. At the age of 91, he began using the van to drive around Windsor and other royal estates.

All 30 funeral attendees will be far from each other and wearing face masks, in line with the Corona restrictions measures.

In about 20 minutes, family members who are not part of the procession will likely arrive to take their seats inside the church.

Some members of the public placed flowers at the gates of the castle, but the large crowds that are usually synonymous with royal events were not visible anywhere, amid warnings from the police to stay away from the area due to the restrictions of the Corona virus.

Road signs in the area advised people to “avoid unnecessary travel and not gather in royal residences.”


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