The frequency of the new Al-Hayat channel 2021 to follow Ramadan series and programs


The frequency of the new Al-Hayat channel 2021, Al-Hayat channel is widely recognized in the Arab world, due to the works of art that it offers through its screen that everyone is happy with, and the diversity in the presentation of the series. , In order to know the new frequency of the Life Channel.

The new Al Hayat channel frequency 2021

  • Frequency, 12207.
  • The coding rate is. 27500.
  • Error correction factor ¾.
  • Polarization Vertical.
  • The satellite. Nile Sat.

The series lost a man

* This series will be broadcast at 12:10 am.

* First repetition 7 in the morning.

* The second repetition 4:30 pm.

The starring role in this series is played by the artist Yasser Jalal, Nermin Al-Feki, Mahmoud Abdel-Ghani, and Ahmed Halawa. As it discusses many issues raised in the community.

The Best Father series.

* It will be broadcast at 6:30 pm.

* Repetition at 5:30 am & 10 am.

The series “Best Father” starring the artist Ali Rabie, Sami Maghawry, Ahmed Fathy, and Ahmed Jamal Saeed, and this series is classified as a comedy

Cairo Kabul series

* It will be shown during 7:55 pm.

* Replay 1:40 AM.

The series “Cairo Kabul”, starring the artist Tarek Lotfi, Fathi Abdel Wahab, Khaled El Sawy, and Hanan Mutawa. This series discusses many diverse stories, and communicates a meaningful message by presenting these ideas through this series.

A series and everything that we separate

* At 9:20 pm

* Replay 8:30 in the morning.

The series starred the actress Reham Hajjaj, Amr Abdel Jalil, Rania Youssef, Tariq Abdel Aziz and Ahmed Fahmy.

Tiger series

* At 10:45 pm.

* First repetition 4 in the morning.

* Second repeat 1 pm.

The series “The Tiger”, starring the artist Muhammad Imam, Nermin Al-Feki, Hana Al Zahid and Ahmed Khaled Saleh.

I have shown the most important series that are shown on Al-Hayat channel during the holy month of Ramadan, and also the clarification of the new frequency of the Al-Hayat channel.


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