The frequency of the MBC channel Egypt Ramadan 2021 to follow the sixth episode, Ramez his mind, flew


The frequency of the MBC channel Egypt, MBC Egypt is one of the frequencies that all citizens are looking for in the current period in order to follow the events of the famous landfill program, Ramez Jalal, presented by the beloved star Ramez Jalal, as this program is broadcast every year on the MB channel. Si Egypt is directly after the Maghrib azan, and this is what makes it the highest viewership of everyone because the whole family is gathered in front of the Ramadan table to eat breakfast.

MBC frequency channel Egypt

MBC Egypt broadcasts many interesting series and programs during the blessed month of Ramadan, and this made it one of the most beloved channels for the Arab viewer, although the satellite screens crowd together to display many series and programs this month, but it was able to choose distinctive content to compete Strongly, and since that channel was established, it has managed to accommodate many media experts, artists and football players who are able to improve the channel.

MBC Egypt channel

The frequency of the MBC Egypt channel can be received on Nilesat simply by entering the following frequency:

  • Frequency: 12015.
  • Polarization: vertical.
  • Coding rate: 27500.

It is noteworthy that MBC Egypt broadcasts many series, including the series “Kings of Al-Jadana” by the star Mustafa Shaaban, which is broadcasted directly after the Ramez Jalal program, and it is one of the strongest series broadcasted this Ramadan, in addition to the series Meat Ghazal by the star Ghada Abdel Razek, in which he embodies A strong personality and different from her roles.


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