The frequency of Ontime Sports Channel on Time Sports HD 1 // the carrier Al-Ahly match and its permissibility today in the league


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Omar Shweil – Jeddah The frequency of Ontime Sports Channel on Time Sports HD 1 // The carrier match Al-Ahly and Samouha today in the league

Ontime Sport channel frequency Egyptian football fans are looking for it to watch the Egyptian Premier League matches, as it is the only broadcast channel for matches after it obtained the rights for the Egyptian Football Association competitions with a large amount. It contributed to reviving the competition teams, especially popular clubs with low returns in light of high player contracts, and the channel will transmit today The Al-Ahly match and its tolerance at exactly nine thirty in the evening Cairo time, and the channel will present an analytical studio two hours before the match to analyze the technical aspects of the match, and the following is the new frequency of the ON channel on the Nilesat satellite.

A brief overview of On Sport Channels

On Sport Channels are Egyptian channels specialized in sports that broadcast their programs for free around the clock, offering local and international matches. It obtained the rights to transfer the Spanish Super Cup, and to transfer the matches of the English club Chelsea after playing it only 24 hours, and the channel was merged with the Time Sport channel in 2019 to cover the African Cup of Nations on the ground frequency, and the formation of a strong alliance to compete to buy the right to the major world tournaments.

On Sport channel frequency on Nilesat

Polarization coefficientHorizon of H
Coding factor27500
Error correction factor6/5

Egyptian league table ranking

#the teamplayPTخstay+/-Differencepoints
3Al-Masry Al-Borsaidi187831613:22929
4Alexandria Union178451720:22228
6Egypt clearing177551721:19-226
7Ceramica Cleopatra186751620:22225
10El Gouna186661621:20-124
11Mahalla yarn185941618:16-224
13Vanguards of the Army184591622:21-117
14Wadi Degla183781622:15-716
15The Arab Contractors1743101725:17-815
16Ahli Bank172871720:14-614
18War Production172691730:13-1712

ON TIME SPORTS channel frequency

  • Egypt Stadium Program: which is presented before every match and hosts sports analysis stars.
  • On Stadium program: presented by journalist Ahmed Schubert and Captain Saif Zaher, and it discusses all sports issues.
  • Evening On program: presented by the Egyptian Media General Captain Medhat Shalaby and introduces new sports news.
  • The third audience program: presented by the brilliant young broadcaster Ibrahim Fayek and hosting Egyptian sports stars.

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