The fourth reconstruction of Houria Farghali’s nose



The Egyptian artist Houria Farghali, who has been in the United States for months, undergoes a fourth operation to restore her nose, following an old injury, due to which she was recently exposed to a campaign of bullying, after a picture of her was circulated on the communication sites.

Farghali explained, during an interview with a television program, that the fourth operation, which will be performed in two days, is the last, after doctors will determine the date of her discharge from the hospital and return to Egypt within 10 days.

She indicated that the doctor will tell her after completing the operation when she will be able to board the plane and return to Egypt, indicating that this will be within 10 days.

The circulation of a picture of the artist Houria Farghali on the communication sites caused her to enter a bad psychological state after being bullied. She then traveled to the US state of Chicago; Where she performed 3 surgical operations to repair the nose by removing part of the bones of the rib cage and fat cells from the scalp.


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