The filming of “No curfew” has ended Gulf newspaper


The team of the series, “Banned Touring”, by the Saudi star Nasser Al-Qasabi, has finished filming all the scenes of the series in Dubai, and director Aws Al-Sharqi has published a picture of the crew accompanied by Al-Qasabi to celebrate the end of filming. Al-Sharqi wrote on Instagram, saying: Congratulations to all the staff who made the series No Curfew. Thank God we have finished filming the work. I thank with all my heart everyone who contributed to this work.

Wait for us on all MBC channels. Oh God, thank you Ramadan Kareem, blessed be upon you all.

A large number of stars participate in the series, including Fayez Al-Maliki, Habib Al-Habib, Aseel Omran, Zaid Al-Sweida, Rashid Al-Shamrani, and others. Ironically, the work deals with the repercussions and effects of the Corona virus on Saudi and Gulf society.


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