The fifth episode of a counterattack … Saif al-Arabi succeeds in smuggling Khaled from Iraq


During the events of the fifth episode of the Counterattack series, Saif Al-Arabi (Ahmed Ezz) obtained important information about the terrorist organization from Khaled (Mahmoud Hafez), in exchange for his promise to return to Egypt and secure his exit from Iraq.On the other hand, Khaled refused to provide all the information he knows about the terrorist organization’s emir (Abu Ayyub) until after his arrival in Egypt, saying: “I guarantee that you will not abandon me or kill me after I know your truth, Saif?”

For his part, Saif insisted on obtaining any information, even a simple one, about Abu Ayyub, in exchange for securing Khaled’s exit from Iraq, and indeed he obtained the real name of Abu Ayyub, and his itinerary after his departure from Egypt to Afghanistan and from there to Yemen until he ended up in Iraq.

Fifth episode of counterattack
The fifth episode of a counterattack began, after Khaled was surprised by the presence of Saif al-Arabi, instead of Osama, the “Prince of Salah al-Din,” when he asked him about Osama and why he did not come to astonish Ezz and ask him about his astonishment at not knowing that his colleagues in the organization killed him.

Khaled assures him that he had disappeared three days ago, after the organization found out about his order, and his blood had cleared, and therefore he would not say any word he had except in the case of being handed over to the authorities in Egypt, which is what Saif Al-Arabi was convinced at the beginning, but he required that he obtain any information he had in order to deliver it to Egypt In order to reassure him, and indeed the information reached the Egyptian intelligence, and they learned that Abu Ayyub al-Masri was known by another name, Abu Hamza al-Muhajir, before he entered Iraq and was known by that name.

Khaled arrives at the Egyptian authorities
On the other hand, the Egyptian authorities decided to hand over Khaled within 6 hours and inform Saif Al-Arabi of the necessity to return 48 hours from the airport in a normal manner so that they would not complain about it. He set the vehicle on fire, detonated it, and then ran, and Khaled did indeed deliver him to travel Egypt, and he returned to Baghdad.

The heroes of the series Counter Attack
The series “Counter Attack” starring Ahmed Ezz, Hind Sabry, Hisham Selim, Nidal Al-Shafei, Muhammad Ezz, Amir Salah El-Din and Kamal Abu Raya, and written by Baher Dewidar, directed by Ahmed Alaa El-Deeb, and produced by Synergy Company.

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