The fact that the artist Mohamed Imam was paid 50 million pounds for the series El-Nimer – Fikrun wa Art – stars and celebrities


Eng. Hossam Saleh, CEO of the United Media Services Company and the official spokesperson, confirmed that what it is said is that the Egyptian artist Mohamed Imam’s wage in the series “The Tiger” amounts to 30, 40 and 50 million pounds is totally untrue, as we do not reach this number for a single star. I see wage figures on social media, but they are incorrect numbers, but rather arbitrary estimates based on numbers that existed in previous years, but are not present now, and we are not close to them.

The CEO of the United Media Services Company added, in statements to the Last Word program, broadcast on the on channel, presented by Mays Al-Hadidi, that the series, which includes 5 stars of a high caliber and the first row, has set a strategy for it, as Tamer Morsi, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the United Company For media services, one of the major producers over the past years when he came to the presidency of the United Company with the new strategy, he sat with all the great artists and with all the different crews that lead the drama, in order to reach an equation that says that the star does not double his wages every year, as it used to happen. Before that, if the artist receives an amount, then the series that he performs a year later, the fee will be doubled, and then the series after that will be doubled 4 times.

And he continued: It is impossible for production companies to be able to meet these assignments, so they sell the series to channels and channels that do not pay, and therefore there is a big problem for the producers, pointing out that what happened is a type of governance that makes people work on the series in a different way, so it appears in a modern, organized, administrative and financial way. And the cost of the work is almost the same cost, although there are more stars in it.



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