The European Superliga … a tournament that raises the slogan of money first


The European Superliga … a tournament that raises the slogan of money first

The controversial proposal to organize a new tournament, far from the competitions of the European Union for Football (UEFA) and the International Federation (FIFA), bearing the name of the European Super League, opened the door to the idea of ​​the sports economy and the relationship of money to football.

Looking around the world, we find that the strongest football teams that achieve championships and titles are distinguished by having a strong economy, and poor countries are often content with supervising representation, even at the club level, but in this situation and selfishly, the clubs supporting the idea of ​​the “European Super League” sought to compensate The material losses it incurred as a result of the emerging corona virus, in any way, without any considerations.

The clubs justified their position on organizing the “European Superliga” tournament by saying that it came from facing the losses they suffered and caused by Corona to disrupt the economic situation of European football. For years, the founding clubs have aimed to increase the quality and unity of existing European competitions, and specifically to establish a tournament in which the best clubs and players can compete with each other on a more regular basis.


“The epidemic has alerted the need for a strategic vision and economic focus to increase income and help the football pyramid as a whole,” they said in their statement. In the past months there has been an intense dialogue about the future shape of European competitions, and the founding clubs believe that the solutions proposed by the organizers do not solve the basic problems, which is the need for Organizing higher-level matches, as well as increasing the economic income of the football world.

They emphasized that this new competition will ensure a significantly significant economic growth, and this will help European football in the long run, and will increase solidarity between clubs with the increasing incomes of the European Super League, especially as the income will be higher than the current entry into the European competition system in force, and it is expected that Exceeding 10 billion euros in the commitment period of clubs.

FIFA refused

The European Superliga faced a major objection, as FIFA announced that it would not agree to establish a closed European league outside the framework of international football that does not respect previous standards.

He added that any local or international football competition must be based on solidarity, inclusiveness, integrity and fair financial distribution.


He stressed that he always supports the unity of the football world and calls on all parties involved in heated discussions to engage in a calm, constructive and balanced dialogue in the interest of the game and in support of fair play.

No Liga is attacking

The Spanish League, “La Liga”, confirmed in a statement, Monday, that the competition attacks the principles of open competition and sporting merit, which occupies the deepest part of the European football system.

She explained: “Today, football fans all over Europe can dream that their club, whatever its size, can outperform the competition and reach the top of European football, and the concept proposed by 12 European clubs destroys this dream and allows only a few to enter the elite.”

And she continued: “The proposal for the European Super League is nothing more than a selfish approach designed to further enrich the rich and will have a detrimental impact on the near future of La Liga and the clubs, and we will use all the tools available to us and work with all concerned parties to defend the integrity and future of Spanish football in the interest of the game.”

La Liga

Twelve European clubs announced, in official statements, that they would participate in a new tournament called the “European Super League”, which was rejected by the European Union and the International Football Association “FIFA”.

The 12 clubs that released the data are Liverpool, Chelsea, Manchester City, Manchester United, Tottenham and Arsenal from England, Atletico Madrid, Barcelona and Real Madrid from Spain and Milan, Inter Milan and Juventus from Italy, where they published it through their official websites.

According to the announced tournament system, 20 clubs, 15 founding clubs, in addition to 5 other teams will qualify annually based on what they achieved in the previous season.

All matches will be played mid-week, and all clubs will continue to compete in their local leagues, in order to preserve the traditional schedule of matches.

The season begins in August with the teams divided into two groups, each group consisting of 10 teams, and they play round and return matches. The first 3 teams in the order of each group will automatically qualify for the quarter-finals, while the teams that come in the fourth and fifth places in their group will play a round-trip supplement, and from the quarter-finals the tournament will be played with the knockout until the final, which will be played from one match at the end of May at the stadium neutral.


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