The EKA2L1 app animates old Nokia games with new Android devices


Tuesday 20 April 2021 09:00 PM

Despite the great development in smartphones, their software and games, many people have compassion For classic games That was present in old phones and they seek to operate it in their devices, according to what was reported by “Russia Today”.

As a step to delight fans of old Nokia mobile games, some developers have launched the EKA2L1 app for phones Android, Which works as an emulator for the Symbian systems that were found in those devices, and as a tool to play the games that were enjoyed by their users.

According to the available information, the EKA2L1 can currently emulate the S60v1, S60v3 and S60v5 platforms, on which several popular Nokia phones such as the N95, Nokia E50, 5800 XpressMusic and Nokia 7650 were relied on, and play the games that were famous for N-Gage phones in the past.

This application was dedicated according to its developers for “Android-64bit” devices, and there are trial versions for Android-32bit devices. Thanks to it, old Nokia phones can be played in the aforementioned devices with larger frames, which gives users the ability to enjoy them on comfortable viewing screens.

To run this application, it must be installed on an Android phone equipped with at least 3 GB of RAM, and the graphics processor in it must be able to support OpenGL ES 3.0 software.

Source : Technology: EKA2L1 app revives old Nokia games with new Android devices


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