The Egyptian visit to Lebanon … not an initiative, but a message and a position!


Electronic news
Informed political sources indicated that “Minister Shukri did not carry a specific initiative with him, but was satisfied with the opinion of the political forces that he met,” noting to the online newspaper “Al-Anbaa” that his refusal to meet with the head of the Free Patriotic Movement, MP Gebran Bassil, and Hezbollah “is a clear message from Egypt. Against those who obstruct the authorship. ”
For his part, former MP Faris Saeed pointed out in a call with the electronic “Al-Anbaa” that “the failure to visit Shukri Bassil and Hezbollah is a clear Arab message that the duality of the Free Patriotic Movement and Hezbollah perpetuates the Iranian occupation of Lebanon, and the Egyptian minister avoided perpetuating this occupation.”
For its part, Al Wasat House circles indicated through the electronic “news” to “a positive atmosphere that prevailed during the meeting of Shukri with Hariri, who expressed his satisfaction with the visit and the press conference held by the Egyptian minister from his circle and his speech, which expressed Egypt’s absolute support for Hariri and its willingness to help resolve the contract that stands in the way.” Government formation. ”
Former MP Basim al-Shab, who attended the meeting with Shukri, only said in response to the electronic “al-Anbaa” question: “The visit was very positive.”
In turn, Ain al-Tineh sources expressed their satisfaction with Shukri’s visit to Lebanon and his meeting with Speaker Nabih Berri and praise for his efforts to form the government, hoping that these visits and meetings will help resolve the decade that is still obstructing the formation of the government. But the sources pointed out that Shoukry did not reveal a special initiative with regard to authorship.


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