“The Egyptian government” raises a crisis before the Al-Ahly and Zamalek summit


The Egyptian Federation said that it did not receive any objection from the two parties regarding the referees, and that Ahly Zamalek did not request the recruitment of foreign referees, adding that he took the opinion of the referees committee, which agreed to assign the summit match to Egyptian referees.

Wajih Ahmed, head of the referees committee, confirmed that the federation “decided on the match and decided to assign it to an Egyptian refereeing team,” considering that “the Egyptian arbitration is fair, honorable and without any inclinations and is able to successfully manage the summit match and give each party its right.”

But Al-Ahly confirmed through its official website, that the club’s president Mahmoud Al-Khatib “He expresses his sincere appreciation for the Egyptian referee,” but at the same time he requested that the meeting be assigned to foreign referees, and this “does not mean at all to underestimate the Egyptian referees,” according to the club’s statement.

The club added that “Al-Khatib’s response to the President of the Football Association was clear, that this period is not tolerable, and a foreign refereeing team must be chosen from the first classification in the world, provided that he has great international experience.”

Al-Khatib pointed out that “there is still enough time for the FIFA to address the European federations in this regard.”

As confirmed by the committee in charge of running a club Zamalek It sent an official letter to the Egyptian Football Association, in which it objects to the decision to appoint Egyptian referees to meet with the summit.

The committee stressed that “Zamalek puts its full confidence in the Egyptian arbitration, but due to the burning competition at the top of the tournament, it rejects any direction to the idea of ​​assigning the match to an Egyptian crew.”

And the federation called for “commitment to what is known in the summit matches with the presence of a foreign refereeing team, especially since there is no obstacle to that, in order to ensure that the Egyptian referees are relieved of embarrassment in such sensitive matches.”

Zamalek tops the competition with 33 points from 14 matches, while defending champion Al-Ahly is in third place with 27 points from 11 games.


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