The dream of the rich faded … How did the European Super League freeze before it started?


Finished … at least temporarily.

Everything ended overnight, it was not officially over, but the papers were scattered, it may be completely finished, and it may still exist, that is regarding the future, but now, it has been frozen and disrupted by an official statement.

Superliga statement: To work on changing some of the championship laws instead of canceling them

It may come back to spin again in the future, but it is certain that it will not be as large and as the shape that its godfathers drew, who began to resign one by one, and it seems that they have realized the scale of what they have committed.

Now everyone is in trouble, just waiting for what happens? Endless meetings and attempts to search for an alternate fate after the collapse of the decreed fate, seemingly irreversible, according to the development of events.


Chelsea Brighton Premier League GFX

Within a few moments, while everyone was waiting for the next step after the official statement by the 12 clubs, the clubs began to dissolve one by one, and each of the ship jumped when they noticed its breach, and that the drowning was inevitably coming.

Premier League clubs have officially announced their withdrawal from the European Super League competitions, only hours after the tournament was agreed to start.

Manchester City was the first club to withdraw formally after Chelsea indicated their intention to do so by preparing documents in order to formally withdraw as well.

Then the other four teams were to follow; Arsenal, Liverpool, Manchester United and Tottenham are expected to make a statement later on Tuesday.

Then the matter moved to Italy, as Andrea Agnelli was close to leaving due to everything that resulted from his double stance between agreeing to what the Super League masters said and what UEFA said.

As for the rest of the country, the Italian clubs will withdraw from the tournament, Milan began to pick up his papers in preparation for his departure from the group, then was followed by the neighbor Inter, who revealed that his interest in the championship had ended.

Barcelona also left its position suspended between participation and cancellation, rather, Joan Laporta left the matter pending until he saw which side the ship would berth to be with, leaving matters in the hands of the General Assembly, if there was a tournament, we agree and if not, we reject, that is in parentheses for sure. .

Because they refused

Pep Guardiola Chelsea vs Man City FA Cup 2020-21

On Tuesday night, the elements of the game stirred stagnant water, to set off a warning bell for the clubs that all members in those clubs will not accept this situation, and that the approval of the president, board of directors or the owner does not mean the club as a whole has agreed to enter that game that no one knows where it will end.

Pep Guardiola appeared first, after public statements by Juergen Klopp and Zinedine Zidane, in which they avoided talking about the matter, stressing that matters were not in their hands, but Pep had another opinion, and sparked the revolution more.

Guardiola said: “I did not know what would happen until several hours before the statement. They told us that they will issue a statement, but the matter has not been clarified, as is the case with my colleagues.”

Pep stressed that there is no sport without competition, and without a desire to rise and avoid relegation, these meanings are the main reason for excitement, and its absence means stagnation, and sluggishness means no sport, and so will be the case with the new championship system.

After that, the wave of rejection began to escalate, especially with the taking of Chelsea fans and others to the streets in protest, and it seemed that the internal voices rejecting within the clubs were more than those that agreed, and thus the situation collapsed.

The players

Liverpool goal Leeds 2020-21

And immediately, the pace of events accelerated, a coach refused and then a mass rejection, a day after FIFA, UEFA and the entire football community, some heads of state and the Prime Minister of England, Boris Johnson, rejected, so things exploded in England specifically.

Liverpool players have officially joined the opposition to the European Super League championship despite the club’s management being part of the founding members, in addition to the presence of John Henry, one of the club’s owners, on its board of directors.

But with the revolution of the masses around the world and the angry opinions of some of the influential people in the game and the escalation of matters beyond the heads of clubs and federations and up to the heads of some countries and ministries, things turned upside down.

In that context, Liverpool players, led by Captain Jordan Henderson, issued an official statement, declaring their collective rejection of the European Super League competition or the club’s participation in it.

Their position came after Ozil’s position, for example, and the wave of players openly criticizing the tournament began to increase, and here the unveiling of the state of collapse behind him, during which those affected try to save anything in vain.

Perez’s confidence … lighter than steam

Florentino Perez Real Madrid 2021

On Monday evening, Real Madrid president Florentino Perez defended the idea of ​​the European Super League, which was announced hours earlier and met with much attack.

This came in press statements made by Peres with the journalist Giuseppe Pedroll, during which he affirmed that all the threats that came out in the last hours were meaningless.

“When you have no income other than broadcasting rights, you must search for solutions,” Perez said. “The solution is to give the fans more attractive matches. There are 40% of young people not interested in matches with less competition.”

The entire conversation was confident and was supposed to be completed on Tuesday evening, except that the blow was strong, everything ended and the man was forced to avoid appearing, his confidence was lighter than the sailor, it flew quickly overnight.

England attacks the European Premier League chart and UEFA threatens local and international deprivation and the World Cup!

The next seems not as it was, the clubs and championships are no longer the same, and they will try to make all possible concessions so that the temple does not fall over their heads, suspending the matter will be for a while, and trying to return again will not be the same, which means the failure of the current idea even if it is implemented in another way. .


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